YJNPACK Cardboard Shredder HP-EX2

Cardboard Shredder HP-EX2
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Speed: 3M/min 

Power: 250W 

Voltage: 100-230v 

Cutting Width: 320mm 

Shell material: Metal alloy 

N.W: 33KG, G.W: 37KG 

The thickness of cuttable cardboard: 6mm

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A cardboard shredder is a way to recycle cardboard waste into free packaging material, turning it into smaller, recyclable void-filling protective materials. The cardboard shredder is small and exquisite as a whole and does not take up space. The owner needs to select the appropriate scale and turn the switch to automatically shred into smaller pieces. In this automated process, the waste material can be effectively managed by shredding the volume of the cardboard waste, making it easier to process and recycle.

Converting waste cardboard into void-fill material can reduce recycling costs by a significant amount in a large part of Europe, for both domestic and industrial use. The longest cutting width is 320mm, which can effectively optimize storage space, promote recycling work, and reduce the use of plastic materials.

About Cardboard Shredder HP-EX2

In industry, cardboard shredders are commonly used in packaging companies, warehouses, and recycling facilities 

that generate large amounts of cardboard waste. Cardboard shredder plays an important role in every aspect of life.🌱


  1. 1. Recyclable: The Cardboard box shredder converts waste cardboard into void-filling material and is 100% recyclable, taking up

  2. less space in landfills.♻

2. Waste reduction: Cardboard box shredders efficiently reduce the volume of cardboard waste, making it easier to handle and transport. 

Shredded cardboard takes up less space compared to whole boxes.

3. Packaging optimization: Shredded cardboard can be used as a cost-effective packaging material that can provide cushioning 

and protection for fragile items during transportation.📦

4. Eco-friendly: Cardboard shredder machines promote sustainability by facilitating the recycling process, reducing waste sent to landfills, 

and encouraging the use of recycled materials.

5. Beautiful packaging: shredded cardboard can be reused and recycled corrugated cardboard boxes into flat webs, cushioning pads, 

and even strips or pieces.

In conclusion, cardboard shredder plays a vital role in promoting environmental sustainability and resource efficiency by 

contributing to waste reduction, recycling, sustainable packaging practices, composting and creative projects.

🌊Working Principle:

Cardboard shredders work by feeding cardboard sheets or boxes into the machine, which then cuts or shreds them into smaller pieces. 

These machines usually consist of a feed hopper into which the cardboard is inserted, a series of rotating blades for shredding the cardboard, 

or a cutting mechanism for cutting.

In summary, a cardboard shredder machine is a versatile and efficient tool that reduces waste, promotes recycling, saves costs, and finds 

application in various industries dealing with significant amounts of cardboard waste.

Here Are A Few Questions That Will Be Of Interest To You:

Why Would You Choose To Use A Cardboard Shredder?

  1. 1. First of all, in terms of appearance and functional operation, the cardboard shredder does not require training costs. The simple operation

  2. and invisible handle design can play a role based on reality. The compact size takes up less space and the fast speed of 3M/min can be used

  3. in most scenarios. It is equipped with an emergency button to prevent employee injuries.

2. Secondly, cardboard shredders are widely used and involve a wide range of customer groups. Most of the current packaging industry still 

uses cartons for packaging, whether they are small e-commerce companies, home users, or medium and large logistics companies. Use it to 

crush the accumulated cardboard for secondary use. The huge cost savings in this process is obvious to all.

Even for consumers, having a cardboard shredder can crush them and store and protect some daily valuables, and most cardboard is compatible.

Whether it is used as a dealer or for personal use, it has its own value utilization space and can reduce a large part of the recoverable costs.

Can A Cardboard Shredder Shred Anything?

The cardboard shredder inside has a patented gear structure installed, which can cut a maximum width of 320mm, and 

the thickness of the cardboard can be cut to 6mm, so the cardboard of general thickness can be easily cut, and for some 

industrial companies, This is often not enough, but there are also some cardboard perforators dedicated to industrial use, 

which can often cut much larger thicknesses and widths.

Are Paper Shredders Worth It?

Compared with other packaging filling materials, shredder waste cardboard can take up less volume in the recycling container and 

bring greater benefits. It is small in size and can improve the recovery rate, is light in weight, and does not increase other 

transportation costs.

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