What Does Protecting The Planet Mean For Business?

Creating Sustainable Packaging Value For E-commerce And Industrial Supply Chains

NRTEC is a comprehensive service provider for distributors in the packaging industry. The brand attribute is: born for the brand. 

It plays an important pivotal role in a complex and demanding and interconnected economy. And it serves major industries around 

the world: including e-commerce, food and beverage, healthcare, and major heavy machinery industries.

The packaging industry involves a wide range of, and the needs in life are increasing. Even with the outbreak of COVID-19 in the past, 

packaging has only increased. In this challenging period, NRTEC can also provide Customers around the world who rely on the 

environmentally protective packaging materials they need to ship their products.

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As a mature and rising packaging service provider and source manufacturer, NRTEC's environmental protection solutions 

must ensure the required location of goods from global or domestic major logistics providers and e-commerce and ensure 

that the items will not be damaged, scratched, or damaged. trace. Without effective protective packaging, the global 

supply chain and the economy will be discounted, and businesses and consumers will suffer heavy losses.

Until the end of 2022, the epidemic in China will be open, and the entire Chinese people will seem to have returned to 

the pre-epidemic. There is increasing demand from industries such as tourism, e-commerce, export processing, and 

industrial supply chains. NRTEC's new goal is to be a service provider for distributors and to ensure that each partner is 

aware of the importance of using eco-friendly products and automated packaging to improve efficiency. Its solutions 

specifically include honeycomb paper packaging solutions, kraft paper solutions, sealing solutions, and air cushion solutions, 

all of which can be used to cushion and support heavy objects, and fill the internal void of cartons to reduce movement, 

extrusion, and collision. In addition to these, NRTEC also provides branding solutions, which are used for logo or brand 

customization of machines, packaging, or cartons, making exclusive packaging the first impression of customers.

And, due to the protective quality of the paper, the damage rate of the packaged items is reduced, and as a customer, 

you can also have a better unboxing experience.

NRTEC's paper packaging is renewable, 100% biodegradable, and curbside recyclable, so it can be used with confidence 

and without putting undue stress on the environment. Judging from the past packaging materials, they are basically 

plastic or foam, but they will bring huge environmental and sanitation staff costs to the environment. In today's society, 

the use of sustainable packaging materials is becoming more and more popular and popular.

Although NRTEC is a comprehensive service provider for distributors in the packaging industry, although it sells its branded 

protective packaging products, it also includes brand building and operation. Use as much environmentally friendly recycled paper 

as possible to minimize damage to forest logs and build a durable, high-quality packaging system. In a word, protecting the earth 

also means improving business value and creating a better world.

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