New Product Spotlight: Honeycomb Paper Mailer Bag Making Machine

April 16, 2024

The YJNPACK product portfolio launches the latest sustainable production line packaging machine: a fully automatic honeycomb paper mailer bag making machine. 

This customizable, intelligent, and automated packaging solution combined with curbside recyclable envelopes maximizes cost and efficiency.

The popularity of e-commerce and the triggering of the previous COVID-19 epidemic have accelerated consumer demand for e-commerce, which means that packaging waste 

and the resulting garbage are becoming a problem worth noting. Our original intention at NRTEC is to provide sustainable packaging solutions, and having honeycomb padded paper mailer bags can also improve safe delivery rates.

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What Is A Fully Automatic Honeycomb Paper Mailer Bag Making Machine?

The fully automatic honeycomb paper mailer bag making machine is a modern mechanical equipment designed for large-scale and customized production of honeycomb paper mailer bags. 

It integrates raw material supply, cutting, forming, bonding, quality inspection, counting, and packaging, and realizes fully automated production from raw materials to finished products.

With its high efficiency, flexibility, and environmental protection, this equipment is widely used in postal services, e-commerce logistics, document and archive management, advertising, and other industries to meet the diverse needs of different customers for envelope bags.

honeycomb paper mailer bag making machine

Honeycomb Paper Mailer: A Unique Customer Experience

This fully automatic honeycomb paper mailer machine can customize the size of envelope bags according to customer needs, that is, considering different consumer needs, and can customize logos or other brand information. Even after receiving the goods, there is no need to consider how to handle the packaging.

Application Scenarios

Fully automatic honeycomb paper envelope bag machine is widely used in:

•Postal Service: Provide lightweight, environmentally friendly packaging solutions for mail or book packages.

•E-commerce logistics: meet the needs of online shopping platforms for efficient and customized packaging and enhance brand image.

•Document and archive management: Provide safe, environmentally friendly storage and transmission packaging for important documents.

•Advertising: Customize and print corporate logos or promotional information to create envelope bags with exclusive brand images.

From the perspective of user use, we solve consumer use, packaging, and transportation problems from all aspects.

honeycomb paper malier machine

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