Honeycomb Paper Wrap Egg High-altitude Test

Honeycomb Paper Wrap Egg High-altitude Test

Honeycomb paper wrap has become very popular in the packaging market. This video mainly uses honeycomb paper to pack eggs 

and test them by dropping them from high altitudes to verify whether such egg packaging will cause eggs to break. At the end of 

the experiment, we prepared a glass to break the eggs to verify the authenticity of the results.

The results of the video show that the eggs wrapped in honeycomb paper remain intact after being dropped from a high altitude. 

So, what characteristics does the honeycomb paper have to keep the eggs from being shattered by falling from a high altitude?



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Why Won't Eggs Break When Dropped From High Altitude In Honeycomb Paper?

Eggs wrapped in honeycomb paper have a higher chance of surviving a drop from a height compared to other forms of 

packaging or unprotected eggs. This is primarily because of the following reasons:

  1. 1. Impact Distribution

  2. Honeycomb paper has a unique hexagonal stable structure in design. When the honeycomb paper fully wraps the egg and falls from

  3. a high altitude, the light and soft impact of the honeycomb paper will be spread in every area of the carton to form a protective net.

  4. This distribution can then be applied to the egg in a way that minimizes the shock of a drop, thereby reducing the risk of the egg

  5. breaking on impact.

2. Damping

The unique 3D and natural honeycomb structure of honeycomb paper will provide excellent shock absorption performance. When the 

egg is dropped, the honeycomb paper can absorb most of the impact energy. This absorption helps protect the egg by reducing the 

force of impact transmitted to the egg.


3. Compression Resistance

Honeycomb paper has strong ductility, and when unfolded, it is a geometric shape with high stability and shows sufficient high compressive strength. 

Such structural design can make the force distribution of the egg uniform, resist the compression force, and make the material have a strong resistance to 

compression or deformation, and disperse the excessive pressure exerted on the egg due to impact without being crushed.

4. Protective Buffer

The honeycomb paper has the function of cushioning and protecting against shocks. When bumped and squeezed during transportation, 

the honeycomb structure will absorb vibration energy and provide an extra layer of protection for the eggs. This packing feature is especially 

beneficial for valuable and delicate and fragile items, ensuring their safe transport.

All in all, the above characteristics and functions of honeycomb paper provide quality protection for safe transportation. These characteristics make 

it is an ideal material for packaging and protecting fragile or sensitive items during transportation or in other situations where shock and vibration 

need to be minimized. 

However, if the environment is extremely high and the environment is harsh, the egg will still be broken. Of course, the protection ability of each item 

has limitations, but compared with other packaging eggs, the characteristics of honeycomb paper improve the survival of the egg after being dropped 

from a high altitude opportunity.

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