honeycomb paper core sleeve making machine

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YJNPACK Honeycomb Paper Core Sleeve Making Machine
YJNPACK Honeycomb Paper Core Sleeve Making Machine
A honeycomb paper core sleeve making machine is a special equipment for making honeycomb paper sleeves or sleeves. Made of tightly interlaced honeycomb paper, these honeycomb paper sleeves are also a lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly material, as well as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to plastic wrap cushioning.Honeycomb paper padded sleeve It is specially designed for various fragile products and containers, used for protective transport packaging or storage protection, such as wine bottles, bottles, cans, ceramics, glassware, etc.It is easy to use and easy to put, just put the wine bottle in it, which can effectively provide cushioning protection and is completely made of kraft paper. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bubble bags, protecting your fragile valuables during transportation. An eco-friendly way to avoid damage.
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