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OEM Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Electronic water-activated tape dispensers are a sustainable alternative to plastic tape and an alternative to traditional handheld tape grabs. 

It has a simple operation panel and a variety of digital programming modes of operation, maybe it can exist like a toy in your packaging industry. 

For the operation of the tape dispenser, the packaging can be done in just 2 steps. Just press the length you want, remove the tape, and seal the box. 

It's fast, right? But why?

For the working principle of the gummed tape dispenser: the automatic water-activated tape dispenser adheres to an environmentally friendly, simple, 

and fast working mechanism. After starting, the internal support plate, splint, cutter, external brush, and large-capacity water tank work at the same time, 

Tape can be automatically wetted, cut, and dispensed. In this way, how much packaging time you can save by using an automatic tape dispenser can 

improve the efficiency of the end of the line how much.

Custom Automatic Kraft Tape Dispenser

We have a professional design team, customers only need to provide pictures or drawings, after providing us with some design concepts 

or ideas, our design team will design and make samples.

Customized Automatic Water Activated Kraft Tape Dispenser

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly. We set up a professional design team and have our own 

factory workshop to carry out a series of production, testing, quality control, etc. to ensure that each product is a high-quality product.

Best Kraft Paper Void Filling Machine Manufacturer

We have a professional R&D and design department. The internal structure and appearance of the machine are designed and selected 

by the professional R&D department. The paper cushion machine, air cushion machine, tape machine, etc. are all developed and designed 

by ourselves.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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