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5S after-sales service, to achieve the ultimate product service, to ensure that every YJNPACK product is a high-quality product.

First Air Cushion Machine NA-L1 Unpacking

Air cushion machine NA-L1 is an economical inflatable packaging machine, which transforms simple operation into efficient packaging. 

There are various specifications of air cushion film options so that your packaging is no longer limited. Use transparent inflatable packaging 

instead of traditional plastic and foam to reduce environmental pressure and pollution. The recyclable material allows customers to 

receive the goods without any other processing procedures.

Today, we unpack the packaged machines in the factory to solve the installation and use problems of customers after receiving the goods, 

so that customers can further understand our product packaging and use.

First Air Cushion Machine A200 Unpacking

Today is the unpacking of our air cushion machine A200. By setting the theme of product packaging unpacking, 

we can help customers solve problems such as product use, and can understand in advance how the products 

purchased by customers are packaged and delivered.

Through this video, you will learn:

*What does the complete air cushion machine package look like?

*What accessories are included in the carton?

*How to operate and install the air cushion machine A200?

First Gummed Tape Dispenser Unboxing

Set up a complete and standardized 5s after-sales service to solve the following problems for customers:

*How to install and use the machine after receiving the goods

*Machine failure problem

*Product customization issues

*After-sales process/form

*Correct use of the machine

*Single product packaging test, etc.(solve customer packaging and transportation damage)

Through this unpacking video, we can solve the problem of how to install and use the products after receiving 

the goods for customers, and let customers know how our product packaging is.

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