OEM Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Electronic water-activated tape dispensers are a sustainable alternative to plastic tape and an alternative to traditional handheld tape grabs. 

It has a simple operation panel and a variety of digital programming modes of operation, maybe it can exist like a toy in your packaging industry. 

For the operation of the tape dispenser, the packaging can be done in just 2 steps. Just press the length you want, remove the tape, and seal the box. 

It's fast, right? But why?

For the working principle of the gummed tape dispenser: the automatic water-activated tape dispenser adheres to an environmentally friendly, simple, 

and fast working mechanism. After starting, the internal support plate, splint, cutter, external brush, and large-capacity water tank work at the same time, 

Tape can be automatically wetted, cut, and dispensed. In this way, how much packaging time you can save by using an automatic tape dispenser can 

improve the efficiency of the end of the line how much.

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Water Activated Tape Dispensers Custom Logo

YJNPACK, which focuses on customized products, has a professional technical R&D team and design 

department. For packaging machines, we can customize patterns, logos, colors and outer packaging, 

and packaging materials can customize logos and specifications. Just tell us your customization needs 

and accept all DIY customization.

Water Activated Tape Dispensers Development And Production 

As an industrial packaging company, it is very important to save costs and improve efficiency. When you often use 

hand-held tape to grab for packaging, it will cause unnecessary medical expenses for employees, slow speed, waste 

of tape reuse, and is not environmentally friendly, so there is the origin of the environmentally friendly and fast 

automatic tape dispenser. From the design point of view, the simple appearance and the 45° angle play an important 

role in the packaging.

In terms of production, we will first carry out 3D design through design and development engineers, and present the 

internal structure and external appearance. After a series of product assemblies, testing, and packaging, we confirm 

that each process of product production can be produced and shipped smoothly.

Gummed Tape Dispensers Production Testing

In the production of the tape dispenser, we will carry out the cutter cutting test, the motor performance test, 

the tape length accuracy test, etc., to ensure that each tape machine is a high-quality product.

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