Mini Air Cushion Machine Speed 10M/min Inflatable Protective Packaging

Inflatable Air Bubble Machine NA-L1
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Logo & Color
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2 years
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
Lead Time
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Power: 150W 

Speed: 10M/min 

Weight: 5.6KG(Including the packaging) 

Product Size:39*29*37CM 

Film roll rod: 2 Inches 

Voltage:100-120V or 210-230V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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Inflatable Air Cushion Machine NA-L1 is a simple, basic and cost-effective, and efficient inflatable packaging machine. It has no complicated operation process, only needs to adjust the basic parameters, and has a long-life belt, which can be used for a long time. If your budget is medium and the packaged items are based on fragile goods and shipments are medium, choosing the air cushion machine NA-L1 is just enough to meet your needs.

Air Cushion Machine Features:

*Compact Air Cushion Packaging System

*Cost-effective, simple, and efficient

*Use a variety of air cushion membranes

*Save labor costs

*Superior product protection

Product Details

Air Cushion Machine NA-L1 Advantages

The internal structure of the air cushion machine NA-L1 is simple and basic. There is no need to wait for preheating 

to add the heating wire structure. It is only necessary to install the applicable air cushion film, pass through the 

blowpipe, and enter the inside of the heating block, so as to achieve full sealing and a remarkable inflation effect.

*Simple modular design for easy maintenance

*Easy maintenance, 2-year warranty

*Belt life is more than 100,000 years

*Factory price, cost-effective packaging

*Does not take up space, the dimensions are:39*29*37CM 

*Small and exquisite, weighing 5.6kg

*Customized color, logo, and outer packaging

About Air Cushion Film Production Process

The air cushion film will go through from production to packaging: raw materials, mixing, blowing, bag making, 

and finally the final product. Each level requires quality control by professionals. The air cushion film is divided into 

3 types: air bubble film, air column film, and air cushion film. The use of each model is different, the air cushion film 

is suitable for filling, and the bubble film is suitable for wrapping, you can choose according to your own needs.

Air Pillow Machine NA-L1 Product Details


                                                                     Versatile Film Options

The air cushion machine NA-L1 can produce various specifications of an air pillow, air bubble, and air tubes on 

demand to meet various packaging needs.


                                                                          Long Belt Life

                      Has a super thick and wear-resistant belt with a lifespan of more than 100,000 meters


                                                                        Simple LED Screen

Just adjust the temperature and air density parameters to automatically inflate, built-in heating wire structure, 

and no need to wait for heating.


                                                                         Save Packaging Space

The body size of the air cushion machine is 39*29*37CM, it will not occupy extra space when placed on the desktop, 

and the lightweight will not increase the transportation cost.


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