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White Kraft Paper Water Activated Tape
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White, brown
Water-Activated Adhesive
Starch adhesive
100% recyclable and biodegradable kraft paper
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Water-activated tapes are divided into ordinary tapes and reinforced water-activated tapes. It contains a special fiber material and a starch-based adhesive inside, but also animal glue-based adhesives can be used, which immediately develop a strong stickiness in contact with water, and are usually used to seal cartons. Use a water-activated tape dispenser to double the effect before sealing the carton, automatically cutting and wetting the tape at the push of a button. As we all know, many cartons are easily damaged during transportation, but due to the special properties of water-activated tape, it can resist the extrusion and collision of heavy objects and can pack the cartons safely.

Product Details

About White Reinforce Water Activated Tape Features

The tape is typically 3 inches or 7.5 cm wide but can be customized to size, and logos on request, as the adhesive 

will bond to the fiberboard material to create a strong and durable seal, and this tape is economical and recyclable 

Packaging tapes that meet the needs of a wide range of industries and general industrial applications such as valuable 

and fragile goods, pharmaceuticals, paper, printing, electronics, shipping, and distribution centers.

* Strong stickiness, can resist heavy crushing

* Custom size, logo, and outer packaging

* Tamper-proof sealed packaging to protect privacy

* Extremely difficult to tear off and will not be easily damaged

* Easy to handle and 100% environmentally friendly

* 25% reduction in plastic usage

Reinforce Water Activated Tape Product Details


                                                                        Various Sizes

             Water-activated tapes are available in a variety of sizes to suit any carton sealing use.


                                                          Customized Exclusive Packaging

Water-activated tape can be customized to print logos or other brand information to enhance corporate awareness.


                                                                     Protect Against Theft

The water-activated tape has good adhesion, will not crack under gravity extrusion, and protects the inner packaged goods 

from theft, and enhances protection.


                                                                        Strong Stickiness

Water-activated tape forms an adhesive coating when wetted with water that is highly tacky and fits snugly into the carton, 

preventing the package from being unpacked during shipping.


                                                               Protect Packaging Privacy

The reinforced water-active tape has good adhesion and is not easy to tear, protects the inner packaged goods from theft, 

and ensures the safe arrival of the transported packages.


                                                         Exquisite Packaging Appearance

             Use water-activated tape to seal the carton for professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Water Activated Tape VS Traditional Scotch Tape


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