Best Paper Void Fill Machine Speed 12M/min Protective Packaging System PPO-2

Paper Cushion Machine PPO-2
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Weight:N.W: 54kg ,G.W: 67kg

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The Paper Pad System is a protective packaging ideal for cushioning protection of fragile and heavy-duty parcels. Paper Cushion Machine PPO-2 is a versatile and intelligent paper pad packaging. Its function is that it can work with double-layer kraft paper pads to ensure the compactness and molding effect of the kraft paper pads, and at the same time, it can also provide double protection for items due to its high shock absorption and anti-vibration properties. Moreover, it can be moved at any packing station and can effectively extrude double-layer kraft paper into a 3D curled shape in just a few seconds. The working principle of the paper void fills machine: using the internal patented motor to rotate and squeeze, the double-layer or single-layer kraft paper becomes a kraft paper pad with cushioning, support and protection. For the choice of kraft paper, conventional or recyclable kraft paper pads are available, 70g or other, it is an ideal paper packaging solution for transporting heavy items, electronic products, valuables, and porcelain.

Product Details

Paper Void Fill Machine PPO-2 Features

In terms of design, the paper cushion machine PPO-2 takes 45° as the best paper outlet angle and combines ergonomics 

and height science, which can meet the packaging requirements of different places. Inside is a patented gear and 

motor that compresses and folds for the best kraft protection material.

*The most compact and best-formed kraft paper pad

*100% fully recyclable packaging

*Built-in cutter, high-speed cutting, the speed is 12m/min

*Using the transmission principle, the kraft paper is fed into the internal motor

*Double or single-layer kraft paper can be used, a non-clogging design

*Easy to maintain and use, modular design, open the cover and power off

*Curled pattern without binding

*Provides efficient buffer protection

*Sturdy and resilient, customizable packaging

*Strong shock absorption and high resilience

Diversity Of Paper Void Fill Machines

Paper pad machine PPO-2 is a variety of packaging machines, which can be applied to various specifications of 

kraft paper rolls or kraft paper pads to meet various packaging needs. Both recyclable and virgin paper are suitable.

Paper Cushion Machine PPO-2 Product Details


                                                       Simple And Efficient Interface

Simple and concise LED touch screen interface, convenient and fast operation. And the 45° paper output port can 

more skillfully discharge paper.


                                                       Compact And High Protection

The paper cushion machine PPO-2 can use the patented gear to fully squeeze the kraft paper into a curled shape, 

which is compact and highly elastic.


                                                             Diversified Choices

The paper cushion machine can synchronously work on single-layer or double-layer kraft paper, with a variety of choices.

Paper Void Fill Machine Details Images

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