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Air Cushion Film
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The air cushion film is an inflatable protective packaging material. Under the inflatable action of the air cushion machine, it can quickly and conveniently fill, wrap and protect your products. Moreover, whether it is an air cushion film or a bubble film, the size and logo can be customized, with high flexibility and a beautiful appearance, providing shock absorption and protecting your transportation safety. Another feature of the air cushion film is that it is biodegradable. Compared with traditional plastic, foam, and peanut packaging, air cushion film rolls are more beneficial to our environment. Moreover, the air cushion film can be stacked and stored on the storage rack, which can be easily taken and does not take up space.

The air cushion film is also called an air cushion pillow, which can be used as a packaging material to fill the gap in the carton, preventing the movement, collision, and extrusion of the packaged items. A highlight on the packaging is that the air cushion film can be directly torn by hand, without the use of scissors or tape, etc., so that your packaging speed can be directly increased by 25%.

Product Details

About Air Cushion Film Features

Air cushion packings are an excellent packaging material for wrapping cartons, padding, or wrapping to hold 

products in place. It's perfect for wrapping crockery, glassware, valuable cosmetics, electronics, and other fragile 

or fragile items.

*Customizable size:250m/200mm,350m/400mm,700m/600mm.etc

*Can be directly torn by hand

*Use with air cushion machine to improve packing speed

*Save time and storage costs

*Eco-friendly and biodegradable

*A roll of air cushion film will produce several times the volume of air bubbles

Air Cushion Film Product Details


                                                      Various Specifications

Air cushion film has different specifications, including air pillow film, bubble film, etc., and can be customized in size to 

meet the packaging and filling of various items.


                                                     Simple And Efficient

There is a gap between the bubble wrap, which means that it can be torn by hand after inflation, without the need for 

additional tools such as scissors.


                                                   Cost-effective Packaging

   The air cushion film can be stacked on the shelf in rolls, and the storage space can be increased by 20%.

Air Cushion Film Production

Air Cushion Film VS Traditional Bubble Wrap


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