Automatic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser 2.0 NT-AT

Automatic Tape Dispenser Machine 2.0 NT-AT
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Logo & Color
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2 years
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
Lead Time
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Voltage: 210-230v  

Tape width:4-8cm   

Power: 200w   

Speed: 30cm/s   

Weight: 12Kgs

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The gummed paper tape dispenser is designed to replace the traditional tape grab. Based on the self-adhesive process, using automated and intelligent modern processes, with optional digital programming mode and automatic tape cutting function, it has occupied the popular product of the packaging industry's preferred sealing carton. In terms of appearance, the overall angle presents a 45° angle, which is not only beautiful but also from the perspective of human combat power, 45° angle is the most suitable angle for human work. Under such an angle, no matter how long the work is, there will be no fatigue due to a long time.

Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser Exterior:

1. Optional digital programming mode

2. Tape specifications are optional

3. Large capacity water tank

4. 45° angle appearance

5. Brush, cutter

Product Details

About Water Activated Tape Dispenser 2.0 NT-AT

Water Activated Tape Dispenser is the best packaging solution for sealed cartons that integrates intelligence and 

automation. It can freely choose the preset length according to the capacity of the carton, and choose from a variety 

of digital programming modes. You may not believe it, but after testing, it only takes the 20s to seal the carton with 

a water-activated tape dispenser.

Just one step, select the length of tape you want and it will automatically cut to seal. Compared with traditional 

tape grabbing, you do not need to reuse clear tape to reinforce the carton, and the overall packaging speed is 

increased by 30%.

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Custom Logo

Customize your exclusive brand logo and color to create a different brand packaging. Packaging is a part of life, 

and unique packaging can leave a deep impression and enhance the customer's unboxing experience.

CE And PSE Certified Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Product Details 


                                                                   4 Operating Modes Are Optional

The water-activated tape has four operating modes, which can be selected according to your daily shipment or work mode.

1. Single-mode: Select different lengths to produce the selected length of tape.

2. Automatic mode: Select one length and all the rest with the same length to be produced automatically.

3. Fixed mode: Select several different sizes and produce the tapes as per the setting order.

4. Manual Mode: Long Press Production Tape


                                                                        High-security Level

When you need to replace the inner tape or need to open the cover due to failure, it will automatically power 

off and you can replace it with confidence.


                                                               Heavy-Duty Steel Frame and Precision

Heated water bottle quickly activates glue, Steel side frame construction covered in durable ABS plastic.

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Small Accessories

About The Production Inspection Of The Gummed Tape Dispenser

                              More than 300,000 tests, just to achieve every perfect tape machine

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