OEM Air Cushion Machine AP400 2.0 Air Void Filling System

Air Cushion Machine AP400 2.0
Support 1 piece delivery
Logo & Color
Accept logo and color customization
2 years
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port

Speed: 12M/min

Power: 150W 

Weight: N.W 6kgs,G.W 9kgs

Voltage: 100-230v

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The new upgraded air cushion machine AP400 uses a new type of shell material in an original way, and the shell with matte texture makes its appearance more advanced. In use, the new air cushion machine AP400 has not changed much. The air cushion machine is an integrated general inflatable system, which can inflate the air cushion film or bubble film one by one as needed to form an air cushion or bubble film. Can withstand various specifications of air cushion film for inflation, improve packaging efficiency on the premise of the intelligent operating system, replace the labor cost of 3 people, simple and easy-to-use LED operation screen, no training or operation teaching, is the best at the end of the production line packaging solutions.

Air Pillow Machine Main Modules:

1. Film Holder

2. Emergency Button

3. Seal The Work Area

4. The extra durable belt inside

Product Details

2.0 Air Cushion Machine AP400 Features And Upgrade Points

1. No need to warm up

2. The price is lower and more affordable

3. Appearance material upgrade

The biggest difference between the new air cushion machine AP400 2.0 and the old one is that it has added a new 

material-heating wire structure, so the most notable feature is that it does not need heating, it can be used with 

electricity and there is no need for preheating waiting time, directly connecting the end of the packaging line.

The overall speed has been increased by 30%. Secondly, compared with the original air cushion machine, the new 

air pillow packaging machine AP400 has a lower price and is more in line with the current situation of rising raw 

material prices, reducing the original cost by 15% in terms of cost.

In addition, the air cushion machine AP400 can be used with an external smart device, which can be a collection frame 

(the air cushion film will stop inflating when the air cushion film is full), a foot pedal, a blowing frame system, etc. Under 

the premise of maintaining the original speed of 12m/min, It can guarantee one-day shipments and improve packaging 


Air Cushion Machine Customization

The Air Pillow Packaging Machine is an on-demand inflatable and efficient solution for filling voids, ensuring that 

packages are not damaged in transit. You can customize the unique logo, color, and outer packaging on the 

air cushion film and air cushion machine to create an exclusive logo for your personal corporate brand.

Air Cushion Machine Factory Real Shot 

The air pillow packaging machine AP400 inflation system can be applied to various production lines or assembly lines, 

providing sustainable and efficient packaging solutions, while reducing your packaging costs, labor costs, 

and transportation costs.

Air Cushion Machine CE and PSE Certificate

Air cushion machine AP400 is independently developed and marketed by our R&D department, and all have 

obtained CE and PSE certificates issued by the state.

Air Cushion Machine Details Images


                                                              Efficient Packaging

The maximum speed of the air cushion machine is 12m/min. For some companies with large shipments or large 

transportation needs, choosing an air cushion machine is the most perfect solution for your packaging.


                                                          Simple Operation Screen

The air pillow machine has a simple operation screen, that adjusts the air, meters, and temperature values to inflate the air 

cushion film, and it can run automatically without other operations.       


                                                Various film Specifications Are Available     

The air pillow machine can accommodate various specifications of air cushion film, which can be air-cushion film, bubble film,

 or others, to meet various packaging needs. 


                                                               External Function

The movable Basket System, foot pedal, Winder System, and Overhead Hopper Film Delivery System can be 

connected externally. Make your packaging more flexible.

Air Cushion Machine Production Process

We have our own factories and production and assembly lines. All raw materials are independently developed 

and screened to ensure that every part of each product is the best.



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