Automatic Air Cushion Packaging Machine AP400 For Fragile Transport

Air Cushion Packaging Machine AP400
Support 1 piece delivery
Logo & Color
Accept logo and color customization
2 years
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
Lead Time
3-7 Days for sample

Power: 180W   

Speed: 8-15M/min   

Weight: 6.0KG   

Product Size:31* 30 * 30CM   

Voltage: 100V or 200-230V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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Air cushion packaging machine AP400 is an inflatable packaging machine that integrates intelligence and practicality. It can inflate air cushion film or bubble film as needed to produce protective packaging materials for protection, packaging and buffering, and filling carton gaps. And even large, heavy products or other fragile items can be delivered safely and without damage.

-Automatic production, easy maintenance

-10s heating time, reduce waiting

-Simple and basic operation interface

-Customized color, logo and outer packaging

-Direct hand tear without scissors

-On-demand production for up to 500 packs per day

-Withstands heavy, large-item packaging

-Space and cost saving, compact packaging

Product Details

About Air Cushion Machine AP400

Air Cushion Machine AP400 is easy to operate and compact and can be installed in any place. It has a simple and 

basic operation interface. As long as you adjust the air valve, meters, and temperature values according to your 

needs, you will achieve the best inflation and sealing effect, making The air cushion membrane can be airtight for 

up to 24 hours.

The air cushion machine can be applied to air cushion films of different specifications, only needs to be installed 

according to the installation instructions, and will not be limited by the width of the air cushion film. The belt life 

of the air cushion machine is as long as 100,000 meters, and it can be stored with external equipment. The simple 

and fast packaging method can perfectly solve the problem even if the shipment is large in one day, and the 10s 

warm-up time reduces the waiting time of the machine.

Air Cushion Machine Product Details

                                                           Packaging in one step

The packaging speed of the air cushion machine is 15m/min. After adjusting the various index parameters, the air 

cushion will be automatically produced by a key switch, and it can be directly torn by hand for packaging.

                                                                    Safe and airtight

The temperature value of the air cushion machine is set above 200 to reach the most appropriate temperature value 

so that the air cushion film can be perfectly sealed and can be kept air-tight for a week, and the goods can be safely 

filled and supported without being damaged.

                                                           Long belt life and maintenance free

The belt of the air cushion machine has a long service life and does not require redundant maintenance procedures, 

reducing the maintenance time of the machine and equipment.           

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