Customized Automatic Water Activated Kraft Tape Dispenser

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly. We set up a professional design team and have our own 

factory workshop to carry out a series of production, testing, quality control, etc. to ensure that each product is a high-quality product.

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About Customization

1. The customer provides the design details, drawings, detailed dimensions, and other requirements required by the product

2. The design department draws sample drawings for you to confirm the design, and then proceeds to sample production. 

During this process, the design team will participate in the whole lifting process to ensure the best-customized design products.

3. Product quality has a professional and perfect quality control system to ensure that each product is the best.

About After-Sales Service

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for two years

2. During the warranty period, free replacement parts

3. Troubleshooting problems, professional technicians answer one-on-one

4. Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

5. Provide professional service instructions

About our advantages

*Large Stock

*Factory direct supply

*Self-owned factory delivery guarantee

*Competitive factory price

*OEM and ODM services

*Environmental protection packaging

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