OEM Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser Zero Plastic Custom Size HP50-S1

Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser HP50-S1
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Honeycomb paper dispenser is a 0 plastic packaging that replaces traditional plastic and foam filling. This honeycomb cushioning wrap is primarily designed to easily dispense and expand the honeycomb paper roll for packaging. And this honeycomb paper wrap dispenser HP50-S1 can accommodate different sizes of honeycomb paper rolls, which can be 30cm, 38cm, or 50cm, you can customize the length of the honeycomb paper rolls you want, it will be attractive to like it one reason.

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Honeycomb Protective Wrap Dispenser Features:

*Fast manual packaging

*0 plastic packaging

*Fits up to different honeycomb roll sizes

*Save time and cost

*Improve packaging efficiency

YJNPACK Original Manufacturer:

*Factory price

*Large stock

*After-sale warranty service

*Customized color, logo, and outer packaging

*Samples are shipped worldwide in 3-7 days

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Dispenser Features

The honeycomb paper wrap dispenser is a machine that can be fixed on the desktop for manual packaging. 

There are 4 strong adhesive suction cups attached to the bottom, so there will be no looseness during packaging.

*Customized color and logo printing

*Customized honeycomb wrapping paper roll size

*Fastpacking, manual packing

*100% recyclable and compostable

* Improve the unboxing experience

*Good buffering effect

* No need for tape and tape, you can directly tear it by hand


The Use Of Honeycomb Paper Dispenser

Kraft paper honeycombs are used together with honeycomb paper dispensers, and you can use them at home, work, 

express logistics, and other places. Honeycomb protective wrap can be used when you need to wrap your 

lightweight fragile items, valuable cosmetics, high-end perfumes, or ceramics. Honeycomb cushioning wrap not only 

provides cushioning protection, but can also be used as a gift decoration to enhance the unboxing experience, and the 

advantage of recyclability is that you can also dispose of it the way you want.

Honeycomb Packing Wrap Dispenser Details Images



                      New Upgraded Honeycomb Paper Dispenser

This honeycomb paper dispenser is equipped with a twist button, you only need to rotate the button to adjust the 

paper tension of the honeycomb wrapping paper, adjust the tightness, and the packaging is simple and fast.


                                             Strong Stability

The base of the honeycomb paper wrap dispenser has four rubber suction cups to adsorb and fix the brackets to 

prevent the brackets from shifting during use, making them stable and efficient.


                                    High-performance Protection

Honeycomb packing paper provides a natural interlocking ability due to its unique hexagonal cell structure, preventing 

items from slipping during transit and ensuring that packages arrive safely.


                                  Save Storage Space And Cost

The use of honeycomb cushioning wrap can be used as needed, stacked in rolls, has a small footprint, and saves 

storage space. Honeycomb protective wrap can also be applied to some packaging workstations, home packaging, 

small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., with a wide range of uses and low cost.

Honeycomb Packaging Wrap VS Plastic, Bubble Wrap

  1. Honeycomb Packing Paper:

*0 pollution

*Fully recyclable and biodegradable

*Use as needed without wasting material

*No need for tape and scissors, can be torn by hand

*Improve packaging efficiency

*Neatly arranged to save storage space

*Versatile can accommodate objects of all shapes

2. Traditional Plastic Packaging:

Take up storage space

Messy and unrecyclable

Need scissors, not quick

Messy packaging

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Product Case

Honeycomb wrapping paper exists in any corner of our lives. Honeycomb paper rolls are very tolerant. Because 

of their good ductility, they can pack items of various shapes and provide good buffer protection. Honeycomb 

packing paper can be used for vases, high-grade ceramics, gift-giving exterior decorations, etc. in life, and 

there are 3 colors to choose from, and size customization is also accepted.

About Us

YJNPACK makes packaging simpler and more eco-friendly. We are a professional buffer packaging manufacturer, 

providing you with a one-stop solution.

*In stock, ready to ship

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions、

*Obtain a professional certification license

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  1. 1. Will they work with jewelry packing?

I think, as long as everything is in boxes, it will work well. It is perforated and the perforations open providing almost a 

netting effect when the paper is bunched up. Hope this helps.

2. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

3. Is the honeycomb paper roll before or after it is stretched?

Kraft Paper Honeycomb is unstretched on the roll. You may stretch the paper after it has been cut into smaller pieces. 

4. Will the suction cups on the bottom of the honeycomb paper dispenser lose their stickiness over time?

No, our honeycomb paper wrap dispenser bottom suction cup will stick as long as it is on a smooth table, 

regardless of time.

5. Is it possible to buy the machine and honeycomb paper wrap separately?

Yes, you can choose the size of the honeycomb wrapping paper and the honeycomb paper dispenser according to your 

own choice.

Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser HP50-S1?

Honeycomb paper dispenser is a kind of sustainable packaging that everyone is familiar with. When 

choosing a packaging material, it is inevitable to consider the cost, transportation cost, and whether it can be used and 

recycled. Then the cost and space of choosing honeycomb packing paper will not be a problem.

First, it is eco-friendly. The raw material of the honeycomb packing paper is natural kraft paper, which is a sustainable 

and recyclable alternative. The honeycomb packing paper is super stretchy, and it stretches out to present a unique 

polygonal honeycomb structure. When you wrap your items with it, the polygonal structure of the honeycomb cushioning wrap 

will tightly interlock your items and hold the paper in place. . It not only protects the package but also realizes the 

recyclability. The most amazing thing is that the honeycomb packing paper can also be customized in size and color.

In addition, the honeycomb paper roll does not need tape and does not require any tape and other tools to ensure 

the safety of the package, and it has the function of buffer protection by itself. This means your packaging can be done 


Secondly, the honeycomb paper dispenser, whose appearance is metal reinforcement, is very simple to use, just install 

the desired honeycomb paper size on the metal rod, and then fix it, and the button next to it can adjust the 

honeycomb packing paper force. Helps the honeycomb paper to stretch out. And, the honeycomb paper wrap 

dispenser HP50-S1 can accommodate different sizes of honeycomb paper rolls. And accept honeycomb paper roll 

width customization.

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