OEM Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-T2 For Transport Protection

Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser HP50-T2
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Accept custom
Customizable outer packaging
1 Year
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
N.W: 7.8kg,G.W: 9kg
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This honeycomb paper dispenser is a new type of honeycomb paper wrap machine. The difference is that a knob is added to assist the entry of the honeycomb paper, and the structure is more stable and stable. The knobs on the left and right sides can adjust the tightness of the honeycomb paper. Makes the packaging more suitable.


Honeycomb Packing Dispenser Features:

*Manual output

*Fast packaging

*0 plastic packaging

*Good stability and maintenance

*Very easy to use

*Save storage space

Reasons To Choose Us:

*MOQis 1
*Factory price
*Factory direct supply
*Accept export
*Custom colors and logos

Honeycomb Wrap Dispenser Features

Honeycomb packaging paper is suitable for most products, such as lightweight fragile products, glass products, electronic 

products, cosmetics, etc., which can be packaged with honeycomb paper. It only needs to pull, roll and tear to complete 

the packaging, which greatly saves a lot of packaging time and helps you improve packaging efficiency during the 

busy packaging season.

*Zero plastic

*Manual output packaging

*Custom colors and printed logos

*High efficiency and stability

*Fast packaging

*No need for extra maintenance

*Good protection

*Save storage space

Honeycomb Paper Machine Details Images



                                                                                 Easy To Use

This honeycomb paper dispenser is simple to operate, just pull out the honeycomb paper, roll up your cargo, and tear 

it is off to complete the packaging.


                                             Paper Enter Handle

A new knob is added to the manual honeycomb paper dispenser. Turn the knob, and the honeycomb paper will be 

automatically turned in.


                                                      Multiple Packaging Options

The honeycomb paper shelf partition can hold a roll of honeycomb paper roll and an optional rod for attaching a white 

paper roll to provide better protection.


                                  Good Stability And Maintenance

There is a suction cup attached to the bottom of the honeycomb paper holder, which can be strongly adsorbed on the 

desktop, stable, and easy to install.


                                        Provide Perfect Protection

The packaging is done manually, and no adhesive tape is required. The natural structure of the honeycomb can lock the product 

in place and protect the product in all directions.


                                         Save Storage Space And Cost

The use of honeycomb paper roll packaging can reduce the accumulation of packaging materials such as plastics, and stack them in 

rolls on the storage rack to save storage space.

Honeycomb Wrap Vs Traditional Plastic Packaging

When you use traditional plastic packaging:

*Not environmentally friendly


*Need scissors

*Random packaging

When using honeycomb paper packaging:

*Environmental friendly

*No need for scissors

*Save space and cost

*Neat and delicate packaging appearance

Honeycomb Packing Paper Packaging Display

Honeycomb protective wrap is highly inclusive and can pack various items, similar to glasses, cosmetics, handicrafts, 

electronic products, medical supplies, etc. in life, and can make the packaging neat and beautiful, and can also be 

used as gift decoration, providing a perfect out-of-the-box experience.

About Us

YJNPACK makes packaging simpler and more eco-friendly. We are a professional buffer packaging manufacturer, 

providing you with a one-stop solution.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 1-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accepting export


1. What is the MOQ?

We accept sample orders and trial orders. Normally, our MOQ is one piece.

2. Is this stable? Will it keep sliding?

Our honeycomb paper dispenser has a suction cup at the bottom, which has good stability and will not slide easily.

3. Can you customize the packaging or other details?

Of course, we can customize the packaging according to your needs, but this will incur mold costs and MOQ. 

Please ask us for details.

4. Is this troublesome to use?

Not at all, just stretch it out gently, roll up your goods, and tear it off to complete the packaging.

5. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty and provide operation videos.

Next, let us understand these issues together.

  1. 1. Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser?

  2. 2. Is Honeycomb Paper Wrap Good?

Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-T2?

When you need to pack your package, the first thought is that it needs to be delivered to the customer in a safe, 

beautiful, and undamaged manner. However, the use of improper packaging will cause the package to be damaged, 

scratched, surface worn, or damaged, so good packaging is essential.

The honeycomb paper dispenser is a protective packaging machine with manual output operation. It uses the 3D 

the natural honeycomb structure of honeycomb paper to form a unique packaging auxiliary material, which can 

tightly lock the items together. After packaging, it can be directly torn by hand without using Tape or cut and 

ship packages safely.

The honeycomb paper separator does not require extra maintenance procedures, and the operation is very simple. 

The suction cup at the bottom is extremely stable and can be adsorbed on the desktop for packaging. Add knobs 

and buttons to help the honeycomb paper better enter and adjust the tightness, so that it can better display the 

honeycomb structure to protect the product.

When you need to pack, just gently pull, roll up your goods, and then tear it off to complete the packaging, which 

is very easy to use and saves packaging time. 0 plastic and embracing customization will be one of the reasons you 

love it.

Is Honeycomb Paper Wrap Good?

The honeycomb cushioning wrap can provide cushioning and protection for your package and the tightly interlaced 

honeycomb structure can tightly lock the package, and the honeycomb paper with 0 plastic is fully recyclable and 

degradable, you can dispose of it according to your way. And honeycomb paper is extremely light and easy to use, 

which will hardly increase your transportation cost, and at the same time, it can protect the product more perfectly.

Honeycomb packaging paper is also available in custom sizes and in three colors, greatly expanding your packaging 


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