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Voltage: 210-230v 

Tape width:4-9cm 

Power: 200w 

Speed: 50cm/s 

Weight: 14.5Kgs

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This new gummed paper tape machine can automatically cut the tape to the length you want and add a sensor function that can sense the output of tape. You can also produce tape on demand and have the flexibility to pack sealed cartons. Numeric keys in multiple colors provide different tape length options to meet various carton sealing needs.

Water Activated Tape is also an alternative to traditional plastic tape, 100% recyclable and degradable, strong adhesive, and anti-theft, the best solution for sealing cartons.

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Gummed Tape Dispenser Features:

*Sensor function

*Multifunctional operation

*key control panel

*Multiple length options

*Fast packaging

*Accurate tape length

Our Advantage:

*Factory direct supply

*Large stock, ready to ship

*MOQ is 1

*Factory price

*Accept export

*Fast shipping time

*OEM and ODM services

*Strict production control and quality inspection

About Gummed Paper Tape Machine

The gummed tape machine, also known as the water activated tape dispenser, is a good helper for you to seal the 

carton, which is not only environmentally friendly but also improves the packaging efficiency. Also, it produces a 

durable and cost-effective seal that adheres very strongly to the carton, preventing privacy leaks.

This time-saving and efficient tape machine and automatic tape-cutting function are extremely beneficial to the 

e-commerce industry and other packaging industries, helping you save a lot of time manpower, and material 

resources in busy packaging operations.

Using a gummed tape machine for packaging, the large-capacity tape also reduces the cumbersome process of tape 

replacement and can be heated quickly so that 1 liter of water can quickly activate the starch adhesive to produce 

a sufficiently strong seal.

Internal tape size can also be customized to meet various carton sealing needs. The programmable keyboard allows 

tape lengths of 10-255cm, making your packaging more flexible and practical.

This automatic tape dispenser multi-programming mode will make your packaging quickly and smoothly, 

and improve packaging efficiency.

New Water Activated Tape Dispenser Advantages

*Sensor function, can sense and cut out the tape

*Quickly seal cartons to improve packaging efficiency

*Provide 10-255cm tape length options

*Foot pedals for hands-free dispensing

*Multiple operating modes, multiple options

*Secure packaging to prevent theft

*Strong adhesion, not easy to tear

*High safety factor, power off when the cover is opened

*Time-, labor-saving, and cost-effective sealing solutions

*Tape provides a variety of customized specifications

*Automatic advance features to dispense the next piece when the previous piece is removed

Why Choose To Use An Water Activated Tape Dispenser?

Using the automatic tape dispenser is a perfect substitute for the traditional tape grab, he only needs to select the length 

you want, and it will automatically cut out the tape you want, and the inner tape will quickly produce starch adhesive in the 

case of wet water so that it produces a very strong adhesive, which can stick to the carton tightly. Different from  

traditional tape grabbing, traditional tape grabbing needs to be reinforced with tape repeatedly. The improper 

operation will also cause the employee's arm injury, thus spending a lot of time, labor, and medical expenses.

Using the water-activated tape dispenser to seal the carton, after experimental testing, the use of the tape machine 

only takes 20 seconds to complete a complete set of packaging processes, while the traditional tape dispenser takes 

more than 30 seconds, which greatly saves packaging time and improves efficiency.

Moreover, using the gummed paper tape machine to seal the carton is not only environmentally friendly but also 

provides a neat and clean packaging appearance. The reinforced water-active tape can also withstand the damage 

caused by heavy objects and force majeure during transportation. And the strong stickiness also prevents theft, 

protects internal privacy, and is not easy to tear off.

Sensor Gummed Tape Dispenser Custom Logo

This paper tape dispenser can also customize the color and print logo, customize what you want, and the internal 

water-activated tape can also be customized in size, providing a variety of specifications, and high packaging flexibility, 

to meet various packaging needs.

Product Details Of Gummed Tape Machine



                                                                                      Sensor Function

This sensor function automatic tape dispenser has an induction function. When you set a specific mode for packaging, you 

don't need to touch the machine to select the length. Just hand induction will automatically produce the tape.


                                                                  Multiple Selection Operating Mode

The water-activated tape dispenser has a variety of operation modes, single or fixed modes, and the length and mode 

can be selected according to various carton sizes.

Single Mode: Choose any tape length for production Programming
Automatic Mode: Output according to the selection of several different sizes
Programming Mode: Set the length value and press auto to cycle through the current setting



                                                             Safety Switch And Efficient

Set a safety interlock switch to disable the cutting blade when the front cover is open to prevent worker injury. And 

it will not take up too much storage space and save costs. Can be used continuously in packaging operations.


                                                        Improve Packaging Efficiency

The paper tape dispenser outputs tape at a speed of 60 cm per second and provides free distribution of tape lengths from 

10cm to 255cm to meet the sealing needs of various cartons.


                                                                           Quality Assurance

The sensor light, cutter, brush, and motor of the tape machine have been tested many times in the laboratory. Our 

machines are guaranteed for 1 year.      

About Gummed Tape Dispenser Production Process

About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of buffer packaging machines, providing you with a one-stop solution.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 1-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accepting export

Where Can This Kraft Tape Dispenser Be Used?  

When you use the water-activated tape dispenser for packaging, you only need to select the desired length and it will be 

automatically cut out, and the carton can be sealed immediately. It is the best packaging solution for sealed cartons, suitable 

for small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, households, warehousing, and logistics industries. It replaces 

traditional scotch tape. There is no redundant and cumbersome packing process, and it can also be reused at the packing station.


1. Why choose to use a gummed tape machine for sealing cartons?

This tape machine replaces the traditional tape grab, without too many tedious steps of gluing boxes, saving a lot 

of packaging time.

2. What is the attraction of the paper tape machine?

This tape dispenser has an induction function, eliminating the need to touch the machine's body by hand.

3. What are the characteristics of the water-activated tape dispenser?

This tape dispenser offers a length of 15-255cm to meet the sealing needs of various cartons and has a wide range of applications.

4. What is the MOQ?

We accept sample orders and trial orders. Usually, our MOQ is one

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