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YJNPACK  box honeycomb paper wrap dispenser is 100% sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. With this packing material made from kraft paper, you can tightly wrap odd-sized and oversized items, even deer antlers. This box honeycomb paper dispenser is also a sustainable alternative to plastic foam packaging and can be used on demand, saving packaging time and labor costs in the process. The honeycomb paper can be easily stretched to form a honeycomb structure, which is enough to resist the impact caused by transportation. The Box Honeycomb Paper Dispenser System provides businesses with an easy-to-operate small roll-to-roll packaging solution. The system does not require any power or maintenance and requires little or no assembly.

*Easy to stretch, soft and elastic, no external scratches

*Convenient and flexible paper packaging solution

*No need for tape, just tear it by hand

*Perfect unboxing experience to enhance customer impression

* Surrounded by super sticky self-adhesive on all four sides, stable and not moving

* Faster and less laborious, safer and more money-saving

*Use on demand, save cost

*Suitable for small e-commerce logistics, home packaging, etc.


YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more environmentally friendly. We are a professional 

manufacturer of protective packaging, a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and after-sales

All products we sell are patented and developed and manufactured by ourselves. 

Our products are sold all over the country to get the maximum benefit for our customers. We protect at least millions 

of packages every day.

About Honeycomb Paper Wrap 

The honeycomb paper dispenser is very easy to use, when you need to pack, using this pack can make your packing 

faster with less effort. Table-top ready, ready-to-pack, and robust, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packers.

And, after packaging, you can directly move the phone without using scissors.

The four self-adhesive parts at the bottom can be tightly and firmly attached to the desktop for packaging, which can 

further, prevent the packaged items from being scratched and provide a perfect and refined packaging appearance.

Each system produces double-layer FSC-certified honeycomb paper and an upgraded version with interleaved tissue paper 

for enhanced product protection. Paper is 100% recyclable via curbside service and dispensed using a unique "tear-off" technology 

for faster, safer handling without the need for scissors. Ideal for small and medium businesses that require an easy-to-use, 

space-saving, and efficient paper packaging solution.

* Sustainable flexible packaging solutions

* Simple and strong protection

* Customizable logo

*One pull, one roll, and one tear 3 steps

Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser Details

                       Honeycomb Paper Wrap And Eco-Friendly Packaging

Honeycomb paper dispenser packaging box with logo print is a 100%  eco-friendly alternative to other types of filling materials.

with this packing material made from kraft paper, you can tightly wrap odd-sized and oversized items, even deer antlers.

                                                          Easy To Use And Protection For Gif

The product arrives flat and expands as you pull it out of the compact self-dispensed box. It is easily hand torn and no scissors or knife 

is needed. Use our protective honeycomb wrap and ship with confidence when it comes to sending fragile and sensitive items.

                                                      Wide Range Of Uses And Save Shipping Cost

These honeycomb packing papers are suitable for cosmetics, ceramics, artwork, stationery, wine boxes, glass products, etc. Adds additional 

padding and keeps your items secure during the shipping and handling process. Cost-effective alternative to shipping products in cartons.

Honeycomb Packaging Paper Types

Regarding the classification of honeycomb paper materials, we divide them into three types, high-strength recyclable, 

medium-strength, and high-strength paper. Each material can withstand different degrees of tension and the effect it 

presents is also quite different.

Honeycomb Packaging Paper VS Traditional Plastic Bubble Wrap

The use of honeycomb paper packaging can be 100% environmentally friendly and reusable, the size is 56.5*16*16, 

small and does not take up space, and provides a perfect and neat unpacking experience.

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Product Case

Box honeycomb paper dispensers are suitable for many retail, small store, and e-commerce industries with low input 

cost and versatility. Even small warehouse shipments can satisfy. And, because of its low price and cost, honeycomb paper 

wrap will become the first choice of packaging materials for many small retailers.


1. Will the honeycomb wrapping paper can work with jewelry packing?

I think, as long as everything is in boxes, it will work well. It is perforated and the perforations open providing 

almost a netting effect when the paper is bunched up. Hope this helps.

2. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

3. Is the roll before or after it is stretched?

The honeycomb packaging paper is unstretched on the roll. You may stretch the paper after it has been cut into smaller pieces. 

What Is Boxed Honeycomb Paper Dispenser?

The Box Honeycomb Carton is a convenient disposable dispenser box that expands die-cut kraft paper honeycombs into 

a 3D honeycomb structure to provide unique packaging products. It fully protects the finished product, cushioning it from 

damage, scuffs, abrasions, and scratches during shipping, handling, and distribution.

"Box honeycomb paper dispensers have a small footprint and can be used directly on a simple tabletop, making them ideal for 

smaller operating spaces. These ready-to-use dispensers enable packaging operations to be up and running in no time."

The dispenser comes with a corrugated cardboard dispenser box containing 61 meters of expanded die-cut honeycomb paper. 

The top of the box can be custom printed with a brand logo to create branding opportunities. Once the system is emptied, the 

entire dispenser can be recycled using curbside service.

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