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Box Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser 
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Box honeycomb paper dispenser with logo print is a 100%  eco-friendly alternative to other types of filling materials. A sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable alternative to traditional bubbles. With this packing material made from kraft paper, you can tightly wrap odd-sized and oversized items. Honeycomb cushioning wrap can effectively fill and protect the shipping package and prevent the package from being damaged during transportation. The benefits of using this box honeycomb paper dispenser are low input cost, simple and fast operation, attached to the desktop, this honeycomb paper dispenser is ideal for office, home, and small packing stations.

Product Details

Use Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Advantages

Using honeycomb wrapping paper, it is super easy to stretch and very elastic. The material of 0 plastic is more acceptable, 

and it provides efficient buffer protection for the package, and will not scratch the surface of the product.

*Compact, super stretchable, and flexible packaging solution

*Tear directly without tape

*Recyclable eco-friendly packaging

*Use on-demand, saving material cost

*Stacked in rolls to save storage space

The Use Of The Box Honeycomb Packing Paper?

Box kraft paper honeycomb with sticky bottom to attach to the tabletop, just pull it gently, then roll up 

your cargo and tear it off to complete the package. Saves a lot of packaging procedures and time.

Honeycomb Packing Paper Dispenser Details

                Honeycomb Wrapping Paper And Eco-Friendly Packaging

The honeycomb paper roll is made from kraft paper and is a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution. Kraft honeycomb 

paper is an eco-friendly alternative to other types of filler material.  you can tightly wrap odd-sized and oversized items, 

even deer antlers. This Honeycomb Packaging Paper Dispenser comes with 1 roll of honeycomb paper roll to protect the products.

                                  Ideal Of Packing Life And Easy To Use

Innovative honeycomb packing paper eliminates tape and cutting. It reduces transportation, handling, and storage costs, thanks 

to smaller pre-pack dimensions, eliminates the need for other packaging material honeycomb cells interlocks to themselves, 

eliminating the need for tape.

                                     Box Size Details And Widely used Of Life

In full view of the box and the paper roll data, the honeycomb cushioning wrap kraft paper provides exceptional 

protection and prevents damage to a wide range of goods. It is used in many industries, such as e-commerce, express 

logistics, the printing supplies industry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods, etc.

How to use Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap To Wrap Goods?

                  Pull-It                                                    Wrap-It                                                    Pack-It

Reasons For Choosing To Use Honeycomb Protective Wrap?

1. Cost-effective Honeycomb Protective Wrap

The use of honeycomb packing paper to package items is easy to use and can be directly torn by hand without other 

tapes, which improves packaging efficiency and saves manpower, bringing you the greatest benefits.

2. Save Storage Space

Kraft paper honeycomb can be used on-demand at the packaging station without occupying storage space and 

saving costs.

3. Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The honeycomb cushioning wrap is 100% recyclable and degradable, and the interior presents a 3D honeycomb structure,

 which can tightly wrap the transport items

Honeycomb Protective Wrap Product Case

Honeycomb paper roll is widely used in life and can wrap various fragile items, gift decorations, handicrafts, medical 

supplies, and is suitable for electronic commerce and other logistics industries, etc.


We are a professional manufacturer of buffer packaging machines and provide one-stop packaging solutions.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 2-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accept export


1. Will honeycomb packaging paper can work with jewelry packing?

I think, as long as everything is in boxes, it will work well. It is perforated and the perforations open providing 

almost a netting effect when the paper is bunched up. Hope this helps.

2. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 2 years warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

3. Is the honeycomb packing paper before or after it is stretched?

The paper is unstretched on the roll. You may stretch the paper after it has been cut into smaller pieces. 

What Is A Box Honeycomb Paper Dispenser?

Box honeycomb paper dispenser, an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to plastic foam packaging. In the 

process of use, the packaging materials can be used as needed, and the packaging can be carried out with a single pull, 

which saves you a lot of time and cost.

The kraft paper honeycomb inner stretch is a natural 3D honeycomb structure, which can provide a beautiful display and a 

perfect unboxing experience for your packaging.

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly.

We provide you with a one-stop service, allowing you to shop with peace of mind.

*OEM&ODM service

*Self-owned factory guarantees the delivery time

*The whole machine is guaranteed for two years

*During the warranty period, free replacement parts

*Troubleshooting problems, professional and technical personnel answer one-on-one

*Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

*Provide professional service instructions

*24 Hours Online Reply

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