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Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser HP50-02
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Honeycomb Paper Dispenser is the best filling material for box transportation. The most important thing in the transportation process is to protect the items from damage. Please use packing paper for filling. The paper can buffer the boxes well without adding too much weight. Kraft paper honeycomb can be fitted with proprietary dispensers designed to easily adjust tension, allowing for quick pull, tear, and wrap movements, and honeycomb packing paper can be custom-sized to suit dispenser use, yet lightweight and easy to install. Honeycomb packing paper is available in compact and stackable rolls to minimize warehouse space. Depending on needs, it can also be packaged in a convenient tabletop box dispenser to meet a variety of packaging needs. In addition to the iconic honeycomb paper dispenser HP50-02, we will be showcasing numerous other products from its sustainable packaging portfolio, including honeycomb paper, and an eco-friendly honeycomb paper-lined shipping solution. And the HP50-D2, a true cushioning void-filling solution, is available manually or automatically, ensuring packaged items snuggle together in a stable position.



1. honeycomb cushion wrap Easy to use!--Change the honeycomb packing paper into a honeycomb shape just by pulling it.

2. Can improve packaging efficiency!--Be used for packaging without additional cutting tools to improve packaging efficiency.

3. Multiple uses!--Be used for wine box packaging, art, glass products, photo frames, gifts, and exquisite high-end packaging.

4. Double layer protection!--Reduce product damage during delivery, and ensure the goods are in good condition.

5. Environmental friendly!--Made of reusable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly kraft paper buffer material.

Product Description:

1. Safety design without a cutter and easy to use.

2. Designed for long life with minimal maintenance.

3. Double pole to increase the buffering effect.

4. Quality guarantee and professional technical guidance.

YJPACK best quality Model HP50 Honeycomb Packing Paper--A Cost-Effective, Productive, And Versatile Packaging System Factory

Honeycomb Protective Wrap Dispenser Features

Honeycomb Protective Wrap Dispenser is a manually operated packaging machine. Can be used for e-commerce, 

office, warehouse, store, and different places. After packaging, it only needs to be gently torn apart, which is not 

only convenient but also improves packaging efficiency.

Honeycomb paper wrap is an efficient way to pack fragile items without power or tape, is 100% recyclable, reduces 

packaging time by up to 50%, and reduces operator restocking steps. This both increases productivity and drastically 

reduces plastic usage.

*Sustainable alternatives to plastic and foam

*Neat and clean unboxing display

*Manual output, simple and fast

*100% recyclable and degradable

*Efficient buffering for protection

*3 colors available, accept packaging customization

*Honeycomb paper can be stacked in rolls to save space

*No tape required, honeycomb structure locks product in place

For the tensile strength of honeycomb paper, we have done nearly 100 tensile tests. After the experimental results 

are realistic, the average tear strength value is 13.86N, so the tensile strength of honeycomb paper will be stronger 

than expected, and the tensile strength will be stronger than expected. Extend the paper 2.5-3 times without breaking. 

This is one of the reasons why honeycomb paper can wrap items of various shapes in all directions without damage.

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Dispenser Details Images


                                         Plastic Packaging Alternative

Use honeycomb protective wrap to make sure every package arrives safe and sound. Honeycomb paper roll 

is an effective cushion that protects the contents of your package. 


                                      Precision Machining And Stable 

Hight-Precision Machining parts, This honeycomb packaging paper is popular both at home and at the office. 

For conference room presentations and home theater fun, it provides awesome viewing results.


                                              Easy To Maintain

The strong honeycomb cushion wrap embraces your fragile items, defending them with a shock-resistant layer.

the honeycomb paper roll is made from kraft paper and is a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution


                                                Provide Perfect Protection

The honeycomb packaging paper is done manually, and no adhesive tape is required. The natural structure of the 

kraft paper honeycomb can lock the product in place and protect the product in all directions.


                                     Wide Range Of Uses

Honeycomb packing paper can be used for wine box packaging, artwork, ceramics, glass products, photo 

frames, holiday gifts, and exquisite high-end packaging.

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap

Honeycomb paper wrap is an alternative to traditional foam and plastic packaging. It is environmentally friendly, 

100% recyclable and degradable, and does not take up space, saving time and efficiency.

Kraft Paper Honeycomb Product Case

Kraft paper honeycomb is a material that can not only be used as packaging filling material but also can be 

used as packaging decoration and gift decoration. Similar to life, if you need to pack some cosmetics, small 

lightweight fragile items, ceramic items, small electronic products, holiday gift decoration packaging, etc. can 

be packed with kraft honeycomb paper, or daily moving items protection, etc., compared to traditional 

foam Plastic packaging and honeycomb paper wrap is environmentally friendly and lightweight, as long as you 

use it, you will fall in love.


YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more environmentally friendly. We are a professional 

manufacturer of protective packaging, a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and after-sales

All products we sell are patented and developed and manufactured by ourselves. 

Our products are sold all over the country to get the maximum benefit for our customers. We protect at least 

millions of packages every day.


1. Will they work with jewelry packing?

I think, as long as everything is in boxes, it will work well. It is perforated and the perforations open providing almost a 

netting effect when the paper is bunched up. Hope this helps.

2. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

3. Is the roll before or after it is stretched?

Honeycomb paper is unstretched on the roll. You may stretch the paper after it has been cut into smaller pieces. 

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  4. 4. How Strong Is The Honeycomb Packaging Paper?

  5. 5. Is The Honeycomb Protective Wrap Biodegradable?

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What Is Honeycomb Paper Roll?

The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser can be used on the desktop, the four suction cups at the bottom have 

strong adhesion, easy to use, have no electricity, and have no maintenance. Just a gentle pull, then roll up your 

cargo and tear it off by hand to complete the package.

Honeycomb cushioning wrap is also an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional foam packaging. 

Honeycomb paper packaging material can be used on-demand, saving time and space.

Honeycomb paper roll features an expandable 3D honeycomb structure on the inside when stretched, making 

them ideal for packaging a variety of products, including fragile, cosmetics, ceramics, crafts, gift decorations, and 

household items. Honeycomb Packing Paper can provide a cushioning effect, fill the gaps in the carton and 

prevent damage to items due to impact caused by collision and extrusion, while white lining paper can strengthen 

the packaged products.

In addition to this, honeycomb paper has a neat finish that can improve your store's reputation. If you do not want 

to use this paper for some time, you can roll it up, which can help you save a lot of space. 

What Is The Function Of Honeycomb Paper?

Honeycomb Paper Wrap is an environmentally friendly packaging material made of high-quality kraft paper. is a durable, cost-effective,

 and environmentally friendly, custom-designed kraft paper honeycomb paper roll material that has proven ideal for wrapping 

many items including gift decor, trays, dunnage, furniture interiors, and signage displays. Inside is a tightly staggered honeycomb paper 

structure that wraps items tightly.

And in transportation, honeycomb paper rolls can also protect items and prevent items from being damaged, scratched, worn, and 

scratched due to collision, extrusion, etc. When the customer receives it, the neat and clean packaging greatly improves the packaging 

image and unpacking experience of the company.

When you use the honeycomb paper dispenser or electric honeycomb paper machine to pack your products using honeycomb paper, it 

stretches the paper, and your products become locked in the honeycomb paper. You can do your packaging anytime and anywhere while 

using this honeycomb paper. You can also use a honeycomb dispenser to have a more efficient packaging experience. 

What Is The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Used For?

The honeycomb paper dispenser is used together with honeycomb paper and white backing paper, which is very suitable 

for packaging and protecting transportation items, such as some lightweight fragile items, photo frames, valuables, 

daily necessities, etc.; it can effectively fill the carton gap, reduce impact, and save paper At the same time, it also provides 

beautiful packaging appearance, environmental protection, and biodegradability.

When you are troubled by the damage to your packaging, the honeycomb protective wrap will definitely be 

your best packaging solution. It can be used not only on the desktop but also at home.

A honeycomb paper dispenser is a faster and more convenient auxiliary packaging machine for honeycomb paper packaging. 

Of course, you can also purchase honeycomb paper of appropriate size for simple packaging, but you still need to fix the 

honeycomb paper for more convenient use.

How Strong Is The Honeycomb Packaging Paper?

Compared with traditional cardboard and corrugated cardboard, the paper used in the 3D honeycomb structure of honeycomb packing 

paper is significantly reduced. However, the reduction in the paper did not reduce its strength, far from it, the kraft paper honeycomb 

achieved an impressive 7 kg/cm2 compressive strength.

This honeycomb paper packaging is a versatile packaging solution ideal for items such as cutlery, glassware, pharmaceutical supplies, 

cosmetics, and jars. Once wrapped in the product, you simply peel off the honeycomb paper and the paper will lock itself. Removable 

without tape also makes it easier for customers to open product packaging.

Is The Honeycomb Protective Wrap Biodegradable?

It is biodegradable and compostable because its raw material is natural kraft paper, which in terms of compostability is considered a "brown" 

the component that provides carbon to your compost. So in general, it is a renewable resource and is considered eco-friendly packaging.

Why Can Honeycomb Paper Roll Replace Plastic Packaging?

The raw material of honeycomb paper wrap is natural kraft paper material, which is 100% recyclable and degradable. It can not only 

be used on-demand but also save space and improve efficiency. It is the best choice for packaging some objects, fragile and valuables. 

The plastic packaging is placed in the warehouse causing confusion and serious air pollution.

Why Is Honeycomb Paper So Strong?

Honeycomb paper is a strong, cost-effective, and custom-designed curbside recyclable kraft packaging material that has been proven by 

several companies to be the ideal packaging material. The shape of the honeycomb paper is a staggering honeycomb structure, which is 

more tensile and more conducive to resisting the damage caused by the bumps in its transportation for flat ordinary paper.

And using kraft pulp as raw material, kraft paper has strong toughness and high softness, so the ductility of honeycomb paper rolls is also 

particularly good.

How Effective Is Honeycomb Wrapping?

In fact, due to the tight interlocking manner and hexagonal structure, honeycomb paper wrap provides ultra-resistant strength and shock 

absorption properties, compared to other packaging materials on the market, honeycomb paper wrap has more unique cushioning and 

The ability to absorb shock and provide a high level of protection to ensure the reliable and safe delivery of transported items. Customizable 

sizes and colors also add some beauty and sparkle to the packaging.

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