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Honeycomb paper roll is a sustainable way of packaging fragile items for transportation. Not only can it be completely composted, but it can also be recycled. It is the most sustainable foam packaging alternative and packaging method we have found. The honeycomb wrapping paper mainly uses 0 pollution and 0 plastic raw materials, which mainly replace the traditional plastic foam filling, and can also increase the user's unpacking experience. From a sustainability standpoint, in some cases, you've taken out 60%, 70%, and 80% of the plastic material. Made from recycled kraft paper, honeycomb paper helps brands across the North American market achieve their environmental goals while giving customers more options for recycling curbside recyclable packaging.

For our honeycomb paper rolls, each roll has a batch number engraved on the inside. If the product quality is not up to standard, we can immediately trace it back to the source and solve the problem. This is also one of our biggest advantages.


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Honeycomb Packing Paper Advantages:

1. It is super easy to stretch out, it is highly inclusive, and objects of various shapes can be packaged

2. Zero Plastic packaging, an alternative to traditional plastic packaging

3. Honeycomb packing paper allows you to customize the size, color, and packaging printing.

4. Three colors available

5. Good protection effect, can effectively fill the carton gap

6. Anti-shock and decompression to prevent damage to transported items during transportation

7. Lightweight and can be stacked in rolls, saving cost and storage space

YJNPACK, Our Advantages

YJNPACK stocks a large number of kraft paper honeycomb and wholesale honeycomb paper.

and honeycomb packaging supports free samples and custom shipping worldwide.

*Original manufacture

*Wholesale honeycomb paper

*Direct factory price

*1-year warranty

*Fast Delivery Time

*Accept export

Honeycomb Packaging Paper Features

Honeycomb Paper, a developer of eco-friendly paper-based protective cushioning solutions to replace bubble wrap 

and other plastic or foam materials have developed a cost-effective and sustainable packaging system for a variety of 

product shipping needs.

Honeycomb paper packaging cushioning systems are now widely used in major e-commerce, retail catalogs, pharmaceuticals, 

and nutraceuticals, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) and contract packaging, providing product protection and packaging 

simplicity and environmental friendliness.

1. It is super easy to stretch out, it is highly inclusive, and objects of various shapes can be packaged

2. Zero Plastic packaging, an alternative to traditional plastic packaging

3. Customized size, printed logo, customized outer packaging

4. Three colors available

5. Good protection effect, can effectively fill the carton gap

6. Anti-shock and decompression to prevent damage to transported items during transportation

7. Lightweight and can be stacked in rolls, saving cost and storage space

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap-Customized Exclusive Packaging

Honeycomb paper wrap, you can also customize the required size according to your product and your needs, 

and accept printed logos to enhance your personal brand image and build brand value. 3 colors are available to 

meet various packaging needs.

The unfolding ratio of the honeycomb paper roll is 1:7, which means that it has good ductility and strong tolerance.

The strength of honeycomb wrapping paper is not only related to the material but also closely related to each 

relationship. We have conducted nearly 100 tensile strength tests on the three materials of honeycomb paper, 

and the average tensile strength value is 13.86N, which is why the honeycomb wrapping paper can wrap all 

kinds of shapes in all directions.

Honeycomb paper has three kinds of materials, high-strength recyclable paper, medium-strength paper, and 

high-strength paper. We have made comparisons and conclusions about their strength, price, and 

environmental friendliness respectively, and can help customers make choices more easily.

Honeycomb Packing Paper FSC Certification

Honeycomb Packing Paper Product Details



                                  Zero Plastic Packaging Solutions

Honeycomb cushioning wrap is a sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable alternative to traditional foam packaging. 

With this wrapping material made of kraft paper, you can tightly wrap irregular and oversized items.


                                  Super Easy To Stretch

Kraft paper honeycomb just needs to roll up your cargo and tear it off to complete the packaging. And can 

provide a buffer, and effectively fill the carton to protect the items from damage due to force majeure factors such 

as transportation extrusion.


                                    Versatility And Cost Savings

Honeycomb wrap packaging paper can be stacked in rolls and placed on warehouse racks to save storage costs and space. 

It is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it is moving or family packaging, gift decoration, e-commerce 

logistics enterprises and others.

Kraft Paper Honeycomb Wrap VS Traditional Plastic Packaging

Choose honeycomb Wrapping Paper:

*Does not take up space and saves costs

*use on-demand

*Neatly arranged and beautifully packaged

*Eco-friendly packaging, 100% recyclable

Traditional Plastic Packaging:

*Messy placement, taking up too much space

*Create clutter in the storage

*Cannot be recycled

Kraft Paper Honeycomb Wrap Production Process

Honeycomb packing paper can pack most items, like glass products, cosmetics, electronic products

Skincare products, moving house, gift decoration, etc. can be accommodated.

The production process of honeycomb paper will go through a complete production process such as 

base paper-cutting-paper process-material inspection-packing into cartons-inventory-pallet packaging-transportation.


We are one of the professional protective packaging manufacturers located in Xiamen, Fujian. We have two large factories for 

production, which separates the production of accessories from the production of equipment, making the production process 

more orderly. With our own R&D design team and operation center, we can provide:

*On-time delivery

*5S after-sales service

*Exclusive customized service

*Direct factory price

*24H online reply with a star rating

  1. FAQ

  2. 1. What is the MOQ?
    We accept sample orders and trial orders. Normally, our MOQ is 1 Roll.

  3. 2. Are you a manufacturer and trading company?
    We are an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer with 16 years of experience.

3. What are your warranty terms?
We provide a 1-year warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

4. Which Payment terms you can offer?
We accept T/T, L/C, Alibaba trade assurance, and other terms.

5. Can this honeycomb wrapping paper be customized to size?

Honeycomb packaging paper can be customized in size, color, and packaging, which can be 30cm, 50cm, etc.

Next, you will definitely care about these issues.

1. Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Roll?

2. What Are Honeycomb Paper Roll Details?

3. Reasons To Choose Honeycomb Protective Wrap

4. What Are The Advantages Of A Source Manufacturer?

5. What Is Honeycomb Cushion Wrap?

6. Is Honeycomb Paper Wrap Resistant To Compression?

7. Is Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

8. What Is Honeycomb Protective Wrap?

Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Roll?

Have you been looking for a bubble wrap alternative? Well, we've got you sorted. Honeycomb packaging paper 

will definitely be your preferred packaging material.

Honeycomb Packing Paper is a substitute for traditional foam packaging. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 

It replaces manual tape packaging and improves packaging efficiency.

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap is one of the most popular packaging materials at the moment. Its biggest feature 

is that it is very light in weight, does not cause extra transportation costs, and is super easy to stretch out, which saves 

packaging time.

When you are faced with the choice of packaging filling materials, the first thing you should consider is your product 

needs. Honeycomb wrap can meet the packaging of a large number of products, with low prices and cost savings.

The operation is also simple, and it can be applied to enterprises such as packaging station work, home, or e-commerce 


When you're packing, simply drag the length you need, roll up your goods, then tear it in one seamless motion. 

The expandable combs interlock seamlessly without any tape required and cushion the contents for safe dispatch.

This means your customers can handle it in any way they want, and they can wrap gifts to give customers a different 

unboxing experience. It is the most cost-effective option for packaging materials and can help to secure your products 

during shipment or storage. The reason why honeycomb packaging paper is the best-selling paper in the market is that 

it is durable and has a strong grip.

What Are Honeycomb Paper Roll Details?

-Good ductility can be extended freely

-50cm x 150m long battery life

-Size and packaging can be customized

-A variety of specifications are available to meet the packaging needs of different items

-The honeycomb structure is interlocked without tape

-Packaging fragile items, such as glassware, cosmetics, electronic products, etc.

-100% recyclable and compostable

-No need to cut, just tear off

The use of honeycomb wrap can save labor costs and transportation costs, and customized services 

can improve the corporate brand image. It is one of the preferred packaging materials for environmental packaging 


Reasons To Choose Honeycomb Protective Wrap

When you need to choose better packaging materials for your fragile items, cups, ceramics, cosmetics, valuables, etc., 

honeycomb cushioning wrap will definitely be your best choice. It is not only cheap but also achieves the best 

protection. Although honeycomb paper is simple on the outside, the honeycomb structure inside can bring a stunning 

appearance and protection.

Honeycomb packing paper is a cost-effective, sustainable and recyclable packaging method. It can pack your breakables, 

glass products, electronics, cosmetics, etc. and give customers a beautiful unboxing experience.

Using honeycomb protective wrap, you can directly tear it by hand after packaging without using other scissors or tools, which 

greatly improves your packaging efficiency and saves you a lot of time.

Honeycomb Paper Wrap is also an alternative to traditional plastic foam, when the customer receives the package, 

he can do it his way because the honeycomb paper is 100% recyclable and compostable.

What Are The Advantages Of A Source Manufacturer?

*We can do any price

*Large stock, ready to ship

*Bulk delivery within 7 days

*Direct factory price

*Customized logo, color, and packaging

*Quote within 30 minutes

*Response within 1 hour

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

What Is Honeycomb Cushion Wrap?

Honeycomb cushion wrap is a durable, cost-effective packaging material that can be customized to size.

It is one of the best sellers in the packaging industry and ideal for many packaging applications. 

Stretching is a 3D tightly interlaced honeycomb structure, and the hexagonal cells can tightly lock 

the package.

Is Honeycomb Paper Wrap Resistant To Compression?

The raw material of honeycomb paper is natural kraft paper, which is strong and durable. Compared with 

traditional cartons and foam, it can use less paper to achieve a more obvious protective packaging effect. 

Achieves an impressive 7 kg/cm2 compressive strength.

Is Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

The raw material of honeycomb paper wrap is made of kraft paper pulp, which is 100% recyclable and degradable. 

You can dispose of it in the way you want. The lightweight also saves shipping costs.

What Is Honeycomb Protective Wrap?

Honeycomb protective wrap is a sustainable, compostable alternative and extension to traditional bubble wrap. It can 

hold items of all shapes and fill the carton to provide cushioning protection.

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