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MA400 Air Bubble Pillow Cushion Machine
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The weight of this air pillow cushion is less than 5kg, and the machine has a fast warm-up time, low noise, and simple operation. Just install the air cushion film and press the start button, and it will automatically operate. After filling, there is 100% air in the air cushion. There will be no air leakage, which can perfectly protect your product from being damaged. When it reaches the length you want, you can also tear it by hand to reduce production time.

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Products Description  

*Save space on storage due to compact long length rolls

*Air cushion that can run 5 meters per minute

*Compact air cushion provides cushioning and blocking and support

*100% recyclable materials

Different Advantages From Other Products

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                                Simple Installation And Maintenance

      This air pillow film has a simple internal structure, easy replacement of parts and belts, saving production time, 

                          and each part can be disassembled separately,reducing maintenance procedures.

                                                 Heating System

The heating function of the air pillow machine can make the air cushion tighter so that the air inside will not leakage.

                                              Strong Tightness

The gap between the air pillow and the air pillow is double tightened. You can try to adjust the air density and temperature 

              to control the air saturation of the air pillow film, so as to ensure that the items can be fully protected.

                           Large Bearing Capacity And No Air Leakage

The proportion of air in the air pillow is as high as 95%, which can fully produce a high-efficiency cushioning effect, 

                   so as to more effectively protect the product from damage during transportation.

Life Packaging Display

Our Company 

1.Fully automated production

2.Independent production and delivery

3.With a scale of 5000 square meters

4.Strict production system

We are a YJNPACK company, and we are committed to providing customers with solutions in product packaging. Our packaging is suitable for medium 

and large enterprises, express logistics, packaging fragile products, glass products, valuables, etc. If you are interested in the product, please contact us!


1.What is the voltage of this product? Is it suitable for industrial use?

The voltage capacity of our products is 220/230V, which meets industrial power requirements.

2.What is the dimension of this product?

Its dimension(L*W*H) is 36*36*21CM.

3.Is the product durable?

Our products have a 3-year warranty, which is not only durable but also long-lasting.

4.Has your product been tested?

All our products have been tested and experimented with before release, and have a 3-year warranty.

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