Air Cushion Machine Comparison: Choose The Best For You

Air Cushion Machine Comparison: Choose The Best For You

The air cushion machine is a well-known packaging machine in the packaging industry. If you want to have materials to replace plastics, 

then you must have used it.

However, in the packaging market, there are many options for air cushion machines, and you need to choose accurately according to 

your business needs.



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Air Cushion Machine A200:

The air cushion machine A200 is a newly developed packaging machine suitable for industrial use. Its speed can reach 23M/min. 

One of the most prominent functions is that it has a preset function and can accommodate about 11 kinds of air cushion films.

In addition, the air cushion machine A200 has a smart touchscreen interface, which can be used to set the air, mode, meter, and speed. 

The function of the preset mode can also reduce the setting time, start and use with one button, and improve the overall packaging efficiency.

The air cushion machine can be connected to various smart devices, such as an overhead hopper, winder, or basket, which is more suitable for 

industrial and medium-sized warehouses

Air Cushion Machine AP400:

The other is our newly upgraded AP400. The screen is a traditional button screen. The speed of the two will be different. This one is 

about 12m/min, which can meet about 3 different inflatable bags. It needs to be adjusted according to the scene. Adjust parameters, etc.

The air cushion machine AP400 also has the function of external connection, which is more cost-effective in price, and is more suitable 

for small and medium-sized warehouses and other industries that require protective packaging

The above two models can be used directly without preheating, and you can choose according to your own needs. If your daily output 

needs to pack thousands of packages, you can choose our A200.

If the demand is small, you can choose the more cost-effective AP400, which can meet your daily packaging needs.

About YJNPACK Production

YJNPACK has its own large-scale production workshop and complete production process and system, including 

an equipment production line, parts warehouse, kraft paper production line, and roll film production line. 

Product quality will go through a strict quality inspection and selection of high-quality raw materials. Good products 

also need high-quality support to ensure that every YJNPACK product is a high-quality product.

After-sales Service

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1-year

2. During the warranty period, free replacement parts

3. Troubleshooting problems, professional technicians answer one-on-one

4. Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

5. Provide professional service instructions

About YJNPACK Scale

Zhangzhou Nanjing is one of the production bases of YJNPACK in China. The total area is 5000 acres, it has more 

than 100 professional and technical workers and 2 top R&D teams, providing one-stop OEM and ODM.

YJNPACK, born for your brand.

About Our Team 

We are passionate about innovation and self-developed products to market, which is why we are always proud to 

welcome the most enthusiastic and talented people to join our growing industry to achieve our goals.

From production to operation, we have a professional technical research and development team and a sales and 

operation team to provide customers with high-quality services, including after-sales, customization, and 24-hour reception, 

integrating production and service.

Our Service Team

In YJNPACK, we have a common goal and achieve it, accept any challenge and face it, treat every customer seriously, 

put people first, and provide passionate and professional personnel with more opportunities for success. I hope that 

everyone in YJNPACK can become a person with lofty aspirations and realize their personal career planning and 

obtain their own career development opportunities, continuously motivate and protect, and continue to develop 

and advance.

Product CE Certificate

All products are marketed and produced with specific CE certifications.

About Our Customers

YJNPACK, our services are sold all over the world, realize international packaging, and escort the global express packaging.

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