Automatic Kraft Tape Dispenser Speed 30cm/s For Carton Sealing Protective Packaging

Automatic Tape Dispenser Machine 2.0 NT-AT
Support 1 piece delivery
Logo & Color
Accept logo and color customization
2 years
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
Lead Time
3-7 Days for sample

Voltage: 210-230v    

Tape width:4-8cm     

Power: 200w     

Speed: 30cm/s     

Weight: 12Kgs

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The gummed tape dispenser is also called a water-activated tape dispenser or kraft tape dispenser. Its main function is to replace the traditional hand-held tape grab. The biggest difference is that it does not need to be held by a hand, does not need to be reused for tape reinforcement, is environmentally friendly, and saves labor costs. Secondly, the automatic tape dispenser maintains the automatic design in function, automatically cuts the tape of the corresponding length, and handles the tape at the output speed of 30cm/s.According to the working time of the human body and the environment of the packaging station, this angle is the best working angle for the human body, and will not cause fatigue or work diseases due to long working hours.

Product Details

About Water Activated Tape Machine NT-AT

The structure of the gummed tape dispenser is simple and easy to use. The internal structure has a splint and a support plate, 

and the external structure has a rare brush, a large-capacity water tank, and a digital structure with multiple 

programming modes. The overall structure is simple and advanced. Whether it is work or life, it is a beautiful and 

practical automatic packaging machine.

*High safety level, power off when the cover is opened

*Gold 45° appearance, efficient and durable

*Customized logo and color, outer packaging

*Speed 30cm/s, saving manpower and material cost

*A variety of operating modes to meet various packaging needs

*2-year warranty on cutter and brush accessories

*Large-capacity water tank, saving material replacement time

*Built-in cutter, automatic cutting

Automatic Kraft Tape Dispenser-Custom Logo And Color、Outer Packaging

For the customization of machinery and equipment, we provide one-stop customization services. The appearance 

color of the water-activated tape dispenser, the design of the logo, and the pattern design of the outer packaging, 

for customized products, there will be differences in the delivery time, which can be compared with our professional 

people to communicate.

CE Certified Water Activated Tape Dispenser

The gummed tape dispenser NT-AT is exclusively developed and designed by YJNPACK. The patent number 

is ZL 2019 3 01692232.3. There have been a lot of imitations on the market, please look for the original factory.

Automatic Kraft Tape Dispenser Product Details 


                                                                         Quality Assurance

Provide a 2-year warranty for the machine and equipment, and test and inspect the cutter, brush, motor, etc. of the 

machine from all aspects.


                                                                             Safe And Efficient

The safety level is high. When you open the top cover, it will automatically power off, which is safe and prevents employees 

from being injured.


                                                                                 Fast And Simple

Tape output at 30 cm per second. Offer one-touch dispensing of tape lengths from 15 cm to 210 cm. Brush position with a heating 

function to enhance the brushing effect.


                                                                          4 Operating Modes Are Optional

The water-activated tape dispenser provides a variety of operating modes to choose from, which can be selected according to your 

own packaging habits and needs.

1. Single-mode: Select different lengths to produce the selected length of tape.

2. Automatic mode: Select one length and all the rest with the same length to be produced automatically.

3. Fixed mode: Select several different sizes and produce the tapes as per the setting order.

4. Manual Mode: Long Press Production Tape

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Small Accessories

About The Production Inspection Of The Gummed Tape Dispenser 

In the quality control of the tape machine, we conduct quality inspection on the tape dispenser, such as knife tests, 

motor test, brush wetness, etc., and screen the machines that have not passed the quality standard, and strictly 

control the quality of each machine.


                          More than 300,000 tests, just to achieve every perfect tape machine

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