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Inflatable air pillows/air column packing is designed to meet the packaging needs of any business, void fill, and protect your products quickly and conveniently.  Its flexible capabilities bridge the gap between traditional void fill and cushioning applications. You can create as much void fill as you need, fill any gaps and add a shock-absorbing layer of bubble wrap to every box. Bubble wrap (air pillows/air cushioning tubes) provide superior protection compared to traditional shipping materials and also can be stored conveniently taking up a fraction of the space as peanuts and foam.

Air cushion film packing is perfect for packing and shipping will solve your shipping need, and is perfect for protecting your products during transport. Air-filled packing pillows are recycled products and will impress customers with an amazing unboxing experience.

Product Details


YJNPACK makes packaging simpler and more eco-friendly. We are a professional buffer packaging manufacturer, 

providing you with a one-stop solution.

YJNPACK continues to drive the development of industrial packaging through innovation, launching more than 5 

new products every year, productivity, and a trusted product brand. We are committed to researching and developing 

a range of new environmentally friendly packaging alternatives to reduce packaging waste and plastic content. This 

means more savings in transportation costs and less pollution.

Direct factory price, 1 piece delivery, 2-year warranty, are our promises.

About Air Cushion Film

Air cushion film is a material that can be inflated and packaged instantly. Can be stacked in rolls to save storage 

space. 100% biodegradable raw materials make them fully recyclable. Moreover, the air cushion film can be directly 

torn by hand without scissors. Moreover, it can be equipped with an air cushion machine to inflate it, reducing 

labor costs and improving packaging efficiency.

However, the air cushion film needs to have an air cushion machine to inflate it, and it can also be placed directly 

on the shelf when not in use.

Air Cushion Film Benefits:

1. Perfect for small pack-and-ship stores.

2. Double duty – Void fill and packaging in one.

3. Lightweight – Saves on packaging and shipping costs.

4. Dust-free – Reduces cleanups in the shipping area.

5. Protect your products during shipping without damage.

Air Cushion Film Details

Good Protection                                                            100% Biodegradable

Air cushion film adds additional padding                                   10O% Starch Raw Material meets the demand for

void fill and packaging in one.                                   environmental protection and reduces pollution to the earth.

Easy To Tear Off                                                                     Perfect Sealing

This packing air cushioning wrap comes with                                   Reusable high-quality air cushion packaging,

a pre-easy cross-cut tear that allows convenience                          with advanced airlock technology, can provide

 and flexibility to complete your job faster.                                     longer air retention time and better protection items.

Diversified packaging                                                   Save Space And Cost

We provide three types of cushions                                                   The air cushion film has a small volume when it

protection: an air pillow, an air bubble that                                        is not inflated and only occupies a small area.

and air tube.

Air Cushion Film Quality Test

After the air cushion film is inflated with an air cushion machine, thousands of air bubbles will be generated. We have 

done the following tests for the claim that the air cushion packaging can withstand heavy objects:

  1. 1. Pressure Test: When the air-filled air cushion pillow is filled with a 99% air rate, it will not be easily squeezed even if it

  2. is squeezed vigorously.

2. Gas Test (Gravity Test): When an adult man stands on the air cushion film, the air cushion film is tested for air leakage 

or explosion, and the result is that the air cushion film is still intact.

3. Breakpoint Test: There are breakpoint cracks between the air cushion membranes. When the air is inflated, it can be 

directly torn off without the use of scissors, tapes, and other tools.

           Test Pressure Test                                        Gas Test                                      Breakpoint  Test   

Air Cushion Film VS Traditional  Foam Pad

Using air cushion film packaging: 

*Customized unique logo

*Storage capacity increased by 30%

*Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

*Neat and intuitive

*Lightweight to save transportation costs

Traditional foam packaging: 

*Messy and unattractive


*High shipping costs

*Can't customize logos

Product Case

Air cushion film is very popular in packaging materials, and can be contracted for most products, similar to 

fragile goods, valuables, handicrafts, ceramic products, etc. in life.


1. Are you a manufacturer and trading company?
We are an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer with 16 years of experience.

2. What are your warranty terms?
We provide a 2 years warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

3. Which Payment terms you can offer?
We accept T/T, L/C, Alibaba trade assurance, and other terms.

What protection does the air cushion provide?

Air cushion is an economical protective packaging material that is as light as a feather. It can fill the voids inside 

the carton without gaps, and prevent the fragile items in transit from being damaged by collision, vibration, 

and extrusion. It is the most ideal solution for supporting and filling the carton.

How do you fill air cushions?

Select the air cushion film specification you want and an air cushion machine, then adjust the air, length, and 

temperature parameters of the air cushion machine, and start the switch to inflate the air cushion film.

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly.

We provide you with a one-stop service, allowing you to shop with peace of mind.

*OEM&ODM service

*Self-owned factory guarantees the delivery time

*The whole machine is guaranteed for two years

*During the warranty period, free replacement parts

*Troubleshooting problems, professional and technical personnel answer one-on-one

*Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

*Provide professional service instructions

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