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Air Cushion Machine is one of our main products. We conduct research and feedback on the feedback data from market and customer usage 

surveys and constantly introduce new ones. As a result, the new Air Cushion Machine AP400 is launched, and the internal module structure has 

been newly upgraded. With the heating wire structure, there is no need to preheat the waiting time, and secondly, the change of the outer shell 

material does not increase the production cost under the condition of increasing the appearance. YJNPACK, the launch of every product is the 

research result of every team member, just like their child's love.

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Air Cushion Machine Production Process

We are serious about the production of machinery and equipment. From the procurement of raw materials and 

the development of suppliers, we have professionals to follow up and monitor one-on-one to ensure that each 

the product can be produced on schedule.

For the air cushion machine, we will first go through the 3D design of the R&D department and then go through 

the production, assembly, testing, packaging, and layer-by-layer quality control.

About YJNPACK Factory's Advantages

We are the original protective packaging manufacturer in Zhangzhou Nanjing, providing one-stop eco-friendly 

packaging solutions.

*Self-owned factory production delivery guarantee

*Exclusive custom service

*5s after-sales service

*Professional one-on-one equipment question answering

*Professional brand certification

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