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Reinforce Water Activated Tape is a new tape method for sealing cartons with strong adhesive and tough durability, so Ribbed Water Activated Tape is also new and 100% recyclable perfect for shipping and wrapping products. One of the reasons why the reinforced water-active tape is so popular is that the glass fiber material inside it can produce strong stickiness immediately after it encounters water, and stick to the carton firmly. And there are various sizes and thicknesses to choose from, and the logo and outer packaging can also be customized on the surface to meet various needs of packaging. The high security of this tape also makes it the best packaging choice for sealed cartons, as it is not easily torn off, keeping your outer cartons closed and preventing theft, with a high level of security.

Product Details

About Reinforced Water Activated Tape Features

Reinforced Water Activated Tape is a simple, economical solution for sealing cartons, used with the Water Activated Tape Dispenser, 

a complete set of sealing cartons can be completed within the 20s, providing a secure seal. Multiple fiberglass materials inside 

also provide protection for the carton.

*Strong, secure bond

*Prevent theft, not easy to tear

*Affordable sealing solutions

*Customizable logo, size, and outer packaging

*Save labor and speed up packaging time

Water Activated Tape Details


                                                                     Not Easy To Tear

           The water-activated tape contains a variety of fiber materials inside, which is strong and not easy to tear.


                                                         Various Specifications Are Available

                     Water-activated tapes are available in a variety of sizes to suit any carton sealing use.


                                                      Durability And Load-bearing Capacity

The reinforced water-active tape has fiberglass reinforcement inside for added strength and durability and can withstand heavy crushing.


                                                                  Permanent Carton Closure

The reinforced water-active tape has good adhesion, is not easy to tear, protects the inner packaged goods from theft, and securely seals 

the package for transportation.


                                                             New Eco Tape Packaging

Water Activated Tape is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, environmentally friendly repulpable, and recyclable sealing.

Water Activated Tape vs Traditional Scotch Tape

Water Activated Tape:

*Protect the carton

*Prevent theft

*Not easy to tear off

*Sophisticated look

Traditional Scotch Tape:

*The carton is easily damaged

*Items are easily stolen

*Easy to tear off

*Ugly packaging look


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