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Air Cushion Machine AP400
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The Air Cushion Machine can meet the packaging of any of your items. It is small in size and convenient to carry, reducing packaging costs. It also provides inflation for different films, such as air pillows, air cushion films, etc. The maintenance procedure is simple, fast, and the packaging efficiency is improved. Professional air cushion film manufacturer, to provide you with the ideal packaging solution requirements.

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Why Would You Choose Our Products?

*Simple maintenance, small size does not take up space

*High efficiency, with an average speed of up to 150 air cushions per minute

*Fast preheating improve packaging efficiency and reduce shipping pressure

*Intelligent control, reducing staff training time

Products Description

Product Details

                               High Efficiency And Fast Speed

            The speed of the air cushion machine is fast. After the test, its speed can be up to 8~15 meters per minute

                             and there will be no noise during the operation, and it can work in any place.

                             Simple Maintenance Procedures

AP400 air cushion machine does not require maintenance, the belt, and built-in blades are easy to replace, and the air volume, 

temperature and the number of airbags required for control can be adjusted according to needs, which is convenient and quick.

                                          No Air Leakage, No Gaps

There will be no gaps between the airbag pillows produced by the air cushion machine, with a built-in inflation rate of 95%, and a 

strong airtightness. It can ensure that items are not scratched or damaged by collisions. It is suitable for transporting fragile items 

                                                   and glass products. , Fruit, artwork, etc.

                             Temperature Adjustment Function

The temperature of the air cushion machine can be adjusted by itself, and it can be preheated successfully in 2-3 minutes after starting up. 

The length can also be set according to the size of the item. It is easy to use and reduces maintenance costs. It is an ideal packaging solution.

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Our Company Profile

*The product is supported by the technology and R&D team

*Our products have more than 20 patent certificates

*Quality assurance and tested

*Products are sold all over the world, the United States, Canada, Germany, etc.

*Join the production ERP system to generate daily plans

we are YJNPACK company, is an eco-friendly cushion packaging machine original manufacturer and air cushion manufacturers with 16 years of experience. 

We aim to achieve customer success, comply with market demand, and develop green products of this era.


1.What is the after-sales service of this product?

We provide a 3-year warranty and professional technical guidance.

2.How long is the general delivery time?

Generally speaking, our delivery time is 3-7 days.

3.what is the MOQ?

we accept sample orders and trial orders. Normally, our MOQ is one Pallet.

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