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Gummed Paper Tape Machine is also known as a water activated tape dispenser and paper tape dispenser, and can also be an electric gummed tape dispenser. The water activated tape dispenser NA-AT is an eco-friendly packaging machine, designed for fast-paced shipping and packaging environments. You can produce paper tapes on-demand and pack them flexibly, saving labor and inventory costs Print your own logo on the machine or tape, and conduct good advertising. Replacing traditional scotch tape packaging, it is 100% recyclable and sticky, perfectly protecting the contents of the carton from tampering. It is the best packaging solution for sealed cartons. We are a tape dispenser supplier, so we have a direct factory price with a fast shipping time. The water-activated tape dispenser enables simple operation and one-touch dispensing of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tapes. Ideal for operations requiring the application of a security seal on small corrugated boxes, express cartons, privacy parcels, and more.

Water activated Tape Dispenser Main Interface:

* Golden angle 45° appearance

* 4 modes can be switched arbitrarily

* 30cm/s tape throughput speed

* Open the cover and power off

About Water activated Tape Dispenser

The water activated tape dispenser provides more accuracy and reliability than a tape measure, with a flip-top design for a tape 

replacement, and an exposed large-capacity water tank for quick and easy water replenishment, the first step in quickly sealing 

the carton.

The Water Activated Tape Dispenser can be equipped with a professional accessory - Tape Aerial, which provides and secures a 

straight length of wetted tape for instant trouble-free application on the carton. It just clips in the tape dispenser NT-AT. When 

the tape is dispensed, it forms a "V" shape so it is self-supporting and easier to pick up and stick to the carton.

*Foot pedals for hands-free dispensing

*Free choice of tape length

*1 liter of water quickly heats up to activate the starch binder

*Customize exclusive logo or other brand information to enhance corporate awareness

*Provide 15-210cm length to meet different carton sealing needs

*Secure packaging prevents tampering

*Multiple modes of operation, providing a variety of options

*Set safety interlock switch, power off when the cover is opened

*High efficiency, automatic tape out after selecting the length

*Automatic advance features to dispense the next piece when the previous piece is removed

*Internal tapes provide multiple specifications and accept customization

Water activated Tape Dispenser Product With Customized Logo

About this kraft tape dispense, we can customize your favorite color and your brand logo to create your own personal 

brand color and image, and the logo can be printed on water-activated tape to improve the packaging impression 

and good unpacking experience.

Water activated Tape Dispenser Original Statement

The gummed tape dispenser NT-AT is exclusively developed and designed by YJNPACK. The patent number 

is ZL 2019 3 01692232.3. There have been a lot of imitations on the market, please look for the original factory.

Gummed Tape Dispenser Machine Product Details 



                                                    Safe And Simple

The built-in cutter and reinforcing plate can reinforce the tape and keep it stable in use. The safety interlock switch disables 

cutting mechanism when the cover is open prevents worker injury.


                                               Multi Working Mode 

1. Single-mode: Select different lengths to produce the selected length of tape.

2. Automatic mode: Select one length and all the rest with the same length to be produced automatically.

3. Fixed mode: Select several different sizes and produce the tapes as per the setting order.

4. Manual Mode: Long Press Production Tape



                                                   High Speed And Efficient

The tape dispenser has a throughput speed of 30cm/s, requires only 10s warm-up time, and offers one-touch dispensing 

of tape lengths from 15 cm to 210 cm.



                                                            Heavy-Duty Steel Frame and Precision

The heated water bottle quickly activates glue, Steel side frame construction is covered in durable ABS plastic.

About The Production Inspection Of The Gummed Tape Dispenser

 More than 300,000 tests, just to achieve every perfect tape machine

About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of buffer packaging machines, providing you with a one-stop solution.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 1-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accepting export

After-sales service

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1-year

2. During the warranty period, free replacement parts

3. Troubleshooting problems, professional technicians answer one-on-one

4. Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

5. Provide professional service instructions


1. What width tape does this water activated tape dispenser have?

This taper will dispense reinforced paper tape from 15" to 105" in width. 

2. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty for our gummed tape dispenser.

3. Can you print our logo on the films?

Yes, we do customize printing for films, you can put your logo, QR code, and contact info in printing. But there will be 

mold cost and MOQ.Pls, inquire us for details.

When you need to pack an item, in addition to the need for suitable internal filling and protection materials, 

the most important material selection is for carton sealing. In the selection of packaging raw materials, materials 

that are too expensive will affect costs and increase expenses. Supply chain problems are not always the most 

important thing at the moment.

The sealing requirements of the outer packaging not only require stickiness, and prevent theft, but also a neat 

packaging appearance will improve the customer's unpacking experience, and the water activated tape machine 

can also print the logo to deepen the customer's impression of the brand. Another point is that it is also an eco-friendly 

and recyclable packaging machine, so this tape machine will be your best choice for sealing cartons.

When replacing tapes of different widths, the tape limit plate can be easily adjusted to achieve simple replacement and transition, 

the lower platen can fix the tape without shifting, the drive wheel can adjust the pressing degree of the tape fixing, and the automatic 

the cutter can cut at any time with adhesive tape. Detachable power cord adds international power sockets for international 

voltage commonality. CE certified professionally.

The water activated tape dispenser is ideal for light to medium-volume packaging areas and is available in reinforced or non-reinforced 

water activated tape. It is available as a non-electrical unit when needed to increase tape adhesion, and can also be powered with an 

optional top heater attachment to create strong adhesion to water-activated tapes for wet-water measures.

With a selection of color-coded keys pre-set for popular tape lengths and a "repeat" function to extract a consistent tape length, this 

the automatic tape dispenser is the key to speeding up your dispatch operations and preventing excess wastage.

The dispenser runs the packing tape through a water reservoir at a rapid dispensing speed of 30cm per second, evenly activating the 

adhesive across the entire tape width. Coupled with a rugged steel frame and ABS casing, this heavy-duty dispenser is ideal for use in 

warehousing and distribution environments.

Rapid wetting of the tape is effective in creating maximum bond strength prior to attaching the water activated tape to the carton. 

The adhesive bonds instantly and quickly to cardboard packagings such as cardboard boxes, cardboard, and edge protectors, making 

the carton impossible to reopen without signs of tampering.

Is It Safe To Seal The Carton With Reinforced Water active Tape?

The reinforced water-active tape is known as the safest sealing tape. One of the reasons is that it contains multiple fiber materials, 

which are extremely difficult to tear off, and will encounter extrusion and collision during transportation, resulting in damage to items.

However, the carton sealed with the reinforced water active tape can effectively resist the destructive damage of the external environment, 

effectively protect the internal transport items, and deliver them safely.

Next is the question you want to know.

1. Water activated Tape Dispenser Origin And Production 

  1. 2. What Is A Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser?

  2. 3. What Is The Water Activated Tape Dispenser Features?

  3. 4. Why Can Kraft Tape Dispenser Replace Traditional Tape Grabs?

  4. 5. Would Water Activated Tape Be Better Than Scotch Tape?

  5. 6. Is Water Activated Tape Recyclable?

  6. 7. How Long Does It Take For Water Activated Tape To Dry Completely?

  7. 8. How To Use This Water Activated Tape Dispenser?

  8. 9. How To Choose The Right Gummed Tape Dispenser For You?

    10. What Is Water Activated Packaging Tape?

Water activated Tape Dispenser Origin And Production 

Automatic water activated tape dispensers are sustainable packaging products that replace traditional tape grabs. Based on 

the principle of traditional tape grabbing, it follows the basis of tape sealing and adds humanized design such as automation, 

multi-programming mode, tape length selection, and cost saving. And the stickiness of the water activated tape takes advantage 

of the self-adhesive properties of the starch-based adhesive inside it, making your airtight carton more effective. So you don't 

have to reuse your arm strength and scotch tape to reinforce your carton.

For the production of automatic tape dispensers, the design of automatic and manual assembly is adopted for mass production, 

manual assembly, installation, motor test, cutter life test, raw material selection of the most suitable production materials, for users 

and enterprises that need a lot of packaging to come Saying that owning an automatic tape dispenser is worth the labor cost of 

hiring 5 packing employees.

What Is A Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser?

Gummed tape Dispenser, also known as an automatic tape machine, is equipped with Water Activated Tape for strong product 

adhesion immediately after wet water, resulting in a strong adhesive bond to the carton, due to its internal starch-based 

adhesive for enhanced paper peeling can become active when wet. After sticking to the box, it is extremely difficult 

to tear off, which can prevent tampering.

The paper tape dispenser provides a simple and quick way to adjust, wet, and cut the water activated tape, the 

tape length can be freely selected, and a length of 15-210cm is available to meet the sealing needs of different cartons.

The operation efficiency is amazing, just press the length of tape you want to pack, which not only improves the packaging 

efficiency but also saves a lot of packaging costs.

Gummed Paper Tape Machine Specifications:

*Fully automatic packaging equipment to improve efficiency

*Adjustable tape length and width, wide applicability

*Sturdy and durable, low energy consumption and low noise

*Easy operation and maintenance, 1-year warranty

*CE certified, a firm selling high-cost performance

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Other function:

Brush position with heating function to enhance the brushing effect

Powered off automatically when cover open

The display shows the current paper output length

Size can be adjusted slightly

Cut the paper smoothly and automatically feed the water

YJPACK best quality Gummed Tape Dispenser Machine Factory

What Is The Water Activated Tape Dispenser Features?

Gummed Paper Tape Machines are used with water activated tapes and are the best packaging solution for sealing 

cartons. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, households, and warehousing 

and logistics industries. It replaces the traditional transparent tape. There is no redundant and cumbersome 

packaging process. Just press the length of the tape, you want to complete the packaging.

Why Can Kraft Tape Dispenser Replace Traditional Tape Grabs?

1. Using water activated tape dispensers advantages  

*Super fast, just need to choose the length to pack

*Super simple operation, pedal, and button mode

*A machine has a long life without maintenance

*100% recyclable packaging material

*The most important are cost-saving, material cost, and labor cost

*Only need to choose the appropriate length, no need for additional tape to reinforce the carton

*Tape can be customized to size and long service life

*Strong stickiness, not easy to tear off, preventing theft

2. Use traditional tape to grab

*Very slow, requiring multiple carton sealing operations

*Waste of tape material, need to reuse tape to reinforce the carton

*Not environmentally friendly, difficult to recycle

*Cause extra medical expenses, repeat the operation of tape to seal the box

*Short service life, the traditional transparent tape needs to be replenished at any time

*Cannot be customized

*The stickiness is not strong enough, and the items in the box are easy to be stolen

Would Water Activated Tape Be Better Than Scotch Tape?

Water Activated Tape creates a very strong bond immediately when wet and does not tear easily, making it ideal for sealing 

cartons. The water-activated tape blends into your carton, making your package stronger and safer. This means you'll face 

less damage and reduce costs associated with replacing damaged or lost products.

Is Water Activated Tape Recyclable?

The Water Activated Tape is our most environmentally friendly method of carton sealing tape. Adhesive tape is made 

from a natural kraft paper carrier and starch binder, unlike cellophane, polypropylene, and polyester tapes, making 

it is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

How Long Does It Take For Water Activated Tape To Dry Completely?

When combined with the gummed tape dispenser, the water-activated tape will produce an adhesive under the condition of 

complete wetting to have a strong tack. Generally, within 5-7 seconds, the adhesive will fuse with the carton.

How To Use This Water Activated Tape Dispenser?

Water activated tape activates the starch adhesive inside the water-activated tape by fully smearing the tape with water, 

so it adheres strongly to the carton surface and forms a permanent, extremely difficult-to-peel bond.

The water activated tape dispenser needs to be used in combination with the kraft tape, which has an internal cutter 

configuration that allows free wetting and dispensing, cutting the tape. Wet the tape and cut it to a predetermined length. 

Then the water activated tape is automatically produced and attached to the transport carton, and the starch glued to it 

produces can produce strong adhesiveness, which can prevent the theft of the contents in the box, and can be integrated 

with the carton.

This automatic tape machine can also be called a desktop tape dispenser. It can be placed on the desktop and is equipped

 with a pedal, mode to improve packaging efficiency and save packaging time.

How To Choose The Right Gummed Tape Dispenser For You?

In the market, there are currently two tape dispensers, a manual gummed tape dispenser, and an electric gummed tape dispenser, 

both of which can provide you with durable sealing tape. The difference is only in their operation. However, the functionality is the same.

If you are packing around 50+ cartons per day, you should directly consider the electric tape dispenser, which can increase your productivity. 

Second, if you pack a reduced volume and use it at home, a manual tape dispenser will work well for you, and it also doesn't require 

electricity to maintain.

So there is no need to worry about them. Just choose one that exactly matches your requirements.

What Is Water Activated Packaging Tape?

Water activated tape can be divided into two types, one is an ordinary water-activated tape, and the other is reinforced water activated tape, 

both of which have water-based chemical adhesives, which can be quickly activated when exposed to water, and then produce strong adhesive 

properties. Can be attached to the carton.

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