Water activated Tape Dispensers For Diverse Packaging Applications

June 26, 2024

The application of water activated tape dispensers has been widely circulated in the current packaging market and is also an important tool at the end of packaging, which not only saves packaging costs but also saves time, improves customer satisfaction with receipt, and its multifunctional packaging application is also the only reason for many companies to choose it.

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Water activated tape dispensers: simplify your packaging process to the maximum extent

Effectively and correctly playing the role of water activated tape dispensers is also a key step for companies. The following will be tips 

to help you achieve the highest efficiency:

Prepare spare brush accessories. One of the consumable parts of the automatic tape dispenser is the brush part, and the brush is the most important part of the entire machine. 

It is the most critical step to ensure that the tape is evenly wetted with water to produce stickiness. The second is the cutter. If the cutter is repeated many times, it is easy to wear. 

With long-term use, the brush and cutter are extremely easy to wear, resulting in the stickiness and cutting of the tape being blocked.

It is necessary to set a cleaning and maintenance period. If the water activated tape dispenser works for a long time, tape residue and some debris will accumulate 

at the connection between the cutter and the brush. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the use and effect of the machine. 

Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance with appropriate lubricants can also reduce the wear time and degree of the cutter and brush.

automatic tape dispenser

Check the machine regularly. Products are like humans. They also need rest or maintenance after working for a long time. Set a reasonable period 

to check the frequently touched accessories, easily worn parts, cables, and other parts inside the machine to prevent failures during the busy packaging season 

and affect the packaging efficiency.

Use the right tape. There are two common types of tapes that can be used for water activated tape dispensers, which are ordinary water activated tapes 

or water activated reinforced tapes. If you choose an inappropriate tape, it is very likely to cause tape jams, uneven cutting, or other problems. Kraft paper tape 

also saves material use in use. The tape can be appropriately matched according to the size of the carton without repeated reinforcement, and a safe, delicate, 

and reliable seal is achieved.

In short, the water activated tape dispenser can easily, accurately, and quickly dispense the appropriate tape, and the automation function can simplify 

most packaging processes, which is one of the important measures to enhance the safety and sealing of packaging. Moreover, the automatic tape dispenser 

is also a diversified tool, which is widely used in many industries. Please continue reading our article to learn which industries it is used in.

Water activated tape dispensers: Helping industries stand out

Logistics, warehousing and distribution centers

Logistics and warehousing companies have the largest daily shipments, and in such a working environment, efficient and process-based packaging 

is particularly important. The effective and reasonable use of automatic tape dispensers in these fast-paced packaging processes can safely and reliably 

seal cartons and achieve brand promotion effects.

Packaging and transportation companies

Automatic tape dispensers are used with kraft paper tape, and the most common application range must be the packaging and transportation field. 

Not only can the tape be produced quickly and consistently, but it can also save time and reduce labor costs and material loss costs. For companies, 

it is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly carton-sealing solution.

water activated tape dispenser

Manufacturing industry

Automatic tape dispensers can quickly activate kraft paper tape to produce strong viscosity and attach it to the carton. Because of the consistency and 

accuracy of these machines, potential human errors are eliminated, and the manufacturing industry can provide products that meet customer expectations 

by ensuring high-quality packaging standards.

E-commerce and retailers, offline sales points

With the increasing demand for e-commerce, automatic tape dispensers can reflect the corporate brand and professional image. Including some cosmetic packaging, 

valuables gift packaging, etc., placing customized paper tape dispensers at current sales points, environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging 

can also leave a good impression on customers.

In short, water activated tape dispensers play a driving role in practical applications, and can also help companies save costs, and provide safe and reliable packaging 

on the basis of improving efficiency. For companies, investing in a paper tape dispenser is urgent

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