Three Reasons Why Logistics Companies Choose Water activated Tape Dispensers

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for e-commerce has only increased, which also means that logistics delivery centers are also facing a series of 

operational efficiency challenges. 

From the growing volume of procurement sources, and labor costs to transportation costs, each express logistics company must continuously improve its operations 

and productivity in order to remain competitive.

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Quote IPG's slogan is: Choose the right packaging tape for your business. The launch of IPG's water activated tape and electric tape dispenser has helped most companies 

improve productivity, packaging end efficiency, and carton sealing efficiency. So, here’s our analysis of why this is the best carton sealing solution it can be.

Reduce Material Usage

According to the traditional packaging method, in order to ensure the safety of cartons during transportation, warehouse personnel usually use transparent tape multiple times for reinforcement. When the tape of the specified length can actually be used according to the size of the carton, too much tape is used for reinforcement. It will cause a certain amount of waste and loss of brand image.

And using water activated tape means:

*Tape is used to significantly reduce and protect better

*Less material waste and lower costs

*Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

*Look more professional and beautiful

water activated tape
Increase Productivity

Many logistics distribution centers still use traditional transparent tape and hand-held tape guns to seal cartons, which makes packagers have hidden dangers in distribution and transportation and makes it difficult to achieve rapid packaging needs. Also, it will slow down the efficiency of sealing cartons.

Especially during the peak packaging season and promotion period, when the quantity increases exponentially, the logistics center will easily fall behind if it does not take appropriate measures and response plans. But by using water activated tape and water activated tape dispensers, each carton sealed at each packing station means:

*High production efficiency

*Unique delivery experience

*Improve core competitiveness

Ergonomic workstation

Whether during the busy packing season or on a daily basis, warehouse personnel need to work all day long. If they frequently use tape guns and perform repetitive reinforcing actions, their arms are very likely to be injured.

The automated buttons and operations of the water activated tape dispensers completely eliminate the damage caused by these repetitive actions, coupled with the auxiliary use of the tape dispenser detector that can intelligently detect cartons of different sizes and match the corresponding tape lengths, making warehouse personnel suffer from repeated actions. The likelihood of sexual stress injuries is greatly reduced and employees have a safer work experience.



YJNPACK's water activated tape dispenser is one of the best carton sealing solutions for logistics delivery centers. 

Designed for fast-paced shipping and packaging environments. This machine has:

*Safety interlock switch, automatic power off when opening the cover

*Can be used interactively with pedals and tape detectors

*In-depth customization of body logo, color, and brand information

*Multi-digit programming mode to meet various carton sealing needs

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