The Right Packaging Protection Improves Your Customer Satisfaction

When a complete box is sent from the warehouse and transported to point B, the carton may go through an uncontrollable journey during the process, 

but what is important is the packaging and product inside. Proper use of protective packaging for padding is key to the item being delivered intact.

For retailers and manufacturers, redundant packaging procedures and non-compliant carton sizes can also cause certain losses and defective products, 

resulting in returns and customer dissatisfaction, if the products in the box are not properly secured and protected. , then it will lead to item damage 

labor costs, and material waste.

The correct packaging process and packaging method can improve the overall packaging efficiency and enable employees to spend less time and 

achieve faster efficiency in packaging. Moreover, through customizable packaging options, brands can impress and give customers an 

unforgettable receiving experience.

From this, we need to consider an innovative packaging solution to achieve more effective in-box protection.

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Air Cushion Packaging

The air cushion is made of polyethylene (PE) that complies with ROSH certification. When inflated by an air cushion machine

it can form an air cushion or air pillow, which can fully wrap the product and fill it perfectly even if there are gaps, making it an 

effective package. Packaging options for cushioning protection and support.

After inflating, the interior of the air cushion will be filled with 99.8% air, and it can become an excellent, durable, and lightweight 

packaging material in the box. The most important thing is that it will not increase transportation costs.

In addition, YJNPACK air cushions have customization functions. They can be transparent and have customized logos or colors, 

or even brand marketing information, to enhance the unboxing and purchasing experience of customers and consumers.

Whether used as support, shock absorption, or barrier during transportation, air cushion packaging can provide professional protection 

and efficient productivity. It can also effectively fill gaps when used as cartons of inappropriate sizes.

Kraft Paper Packaging

A recyclable and resilient kraft paper packaging solution, paper packaging can be a powerful choice for a variety of retailers and companies 

looking to increase customer trust. Paper packaging systems (paper pad machines) produce the required paper requirements efficiently 

and on demand. Paper packaging is particularly effective in blocking, shock-absorbing, and supporting both the environment and packaging, 

and can reduce the size and space of the box.

For both retailers and consumers, poor packaging and broken products will have adverse effects and high return rates, replacement rates, etc., 

which is also a bad shopping experience for customers. The cost speaks for itself.

Effective packaging and filling methods and sturdy boxes will be the first key points when items are transported, and internal protection requires 

the selection of effective packaging materials, which can ensure the safety of the package during transportation.

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