Shifting From Boxes To Using Honeycomb Paper Mailer Bags

How to cope with the busy shopping season and the growing demand for e-commerce, from the perspective of merchants, they hope to switch from boxes to honeycomb paper envelope bags for mailing to save costs.

Executive Summary:

*Honeycomb paper mailers, can be mailed and do not require extra boxes, thus saving costs and ensuring product safety during transportation

*Choose the right product type for shipping Shift from traditional boxes to mail to adjust product packaging efficiency

*Find new ways to reduce costs and environmental impact

*High-demand e-commerce puts greater pressure on the packaging industry and supply environment

*The fun of online shopping is that you can receive your favorite package when you get home, and send it by mail instead of bulky boxes and plastic fillings

For some lightweight items, shifting them from boxes to honeycomb paper mailers for mailing not only saves costs but also supports green development.

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E-Commerce Trends: The Challenge Of Keeping Up

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2022, 70% of consumers have become more inclined to shop online and spend more than usual. In addition, with the 

domestic Double Eleven and Double Twelve promotional festivals, it is expected that more packages will need to be delivered, and transportation personnel 

will be even more scrambling to perform tasks.

According to data, the expansion of online shopping and activities has also indirectly caused the bleak data of offline stores. However, many factors affect it, 

and it is not just the impact of COVID-19 that year.

Prepare For The Next Wave Of E-commerce Growth

The continued growth of e-commerce will also bring with it an ever-increasing volume of parcels, and the resulting costs and investments will require solutions 

and cost-saving measures. Opting for lightweight, durable packaging materials would be an option, plus converting from boxes to mailings can reduce a lot of 

shipping costs and the number of products that can be shipped within a certain period.

Envelope bags lined with honeycomb paper can be used to package various documents, handicrafts, and products less than 5kg. For these items, honeycomb paper mailers 

can completely replace traditional boxes and there is no need to fill them with other items. Protective packaging ensures safe shipping.

The increase in transportation costs is also a burden for companies, and companies are encouraged to choose lightweight filling materials or even eliminate them 

when shipping packages. A protective and simple honeycomb paper envelope bag delivers the package to the consumer with the lowest possible volume weight 

and beautiful packaging effect, which means immediate cost savings for the distributor or retailer.

From Boxes To Honeycomb Paper Mailer Bags

When retailers and distributors choose appropriate packaging materials based on items, they need to choose based on product characteristics, including but not limited to the following items:

*Book files


*Small electronic products

*Toys, game consoles

*Small trinkets or household items

*Accessories and other items less than 5kg

Choosing a mailing method doesn’t just save shipping costs and size and weight, it also reduces the space between boxes and warehouses, helps improve the energy efficiency of shipping, transports more products at once, and reduces emissions with each purchase. quantity. Mailing can also free up more than half of the storage space and reduce the workload.


Protect Goods And The Environment

Honeycomb paper mailer envelope bags are a lightweight, durable, curbside recyclable, and cost-effective packaging material, which has huge benefits 

for both shippers and consumers. And it has enough flexibility and cushioning to protect the internal items from impact and achieve better packaging.

Meet Customer Packaging Needs

Honeycomb mailers can reduce costs, provide transportation packaging efficiency, and achieve sustainability, which is one of the reasons why people switch from boxes to mailings. 

Of course, it can also accept size and logo customization to meet customer packaging needs to the greatest extent.

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