OEM Mini Air Cushion Machine NA-L2 Speed 15m/min For Transport Protection

Air Cushion Machine NA-L2
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Logo & Color
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1 Year
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
Lead Time
3-7 Days for sample

Power: 150W 

Speed: 10-15M/min 

Weight: 5.6KG(Including the packaging) 

Product Size:39*29*37CM Film roll rod: 2 Inches 

Voltage:100-120V or 210-230V

 (Choose according to your local voltage)

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The Air Cushion Machine NA-L2 is very popular at an attractive price, it takes up very little warehouse space to produce air cushion film or bubble film, it can not only accommodate different specifications of air cushion film but also has a lot of power, at a speed of 15m/min The production of air cushions is the perfect air cushion solution for small and medium retailers and logistics companies with moderate shipments. The weight of the air cushion machine NA-L2 plus the packaging is 5.6kg, combined with intelligent operation, and a safe and flexible work area, directly on your original packaging speed increased by 30%. Produces large quantities of lightweight air cushions for you in an expensive time, thus transforming them into the most beneficial packaging material for the best carton void filling and support.

The main interface of the air cushion machine: 

*Basic LED operation screen

*Safe and flexible work area

*Extra long and durable belt

*Film holder with different specifications of air cushion film

About Air Cushion Machine NA-L2

The air cushion machine is an inflatable protective packaging to ensure the safety of your package during transportation 

and make it complete delivery. At this point, good and safe packaging will also make fewer cargo disputes happen. The 

air cushion machine NA-L2 produces air cushions in a smart and fast way, minimizing damage during transportation.

* Cost-effective production of air cushions

* Simple and intuitive, lightweight exterior

*Easy-to-use, compact air-packing machine

*No need to punch, just tear by hand

From the user's point of view, when I ship a lot, I need fast speed and long standby time. Smoothness during use 

can improve my packaging efficiency. For small shipments or small retailers, It is not suitable to have a cost-effective 

air cushion machine NA-L2. While reducing the cost of purchasing the machine, it also obtains shipments under the 

same conditions.

Find a high-quality air mattress maker that is right for you to make your packaging safer and more effective. Customize 

the logo, color, and outer packaging of your personal business to enhance your exclusive brand image.

Air Cushion Machine-Own Factory Production

Air Cushion Machine NA-L2 Product Details


                                                                LCD Panel Display

High resolution, easy to operate, One button to increase and reduce air density, start and pause the machine 

whenever you need it.


                                                                Versatile Film Options

Optional air-cushion film of various sizes: 200x100mm, 200x130mm, 200x150mm, 200x200mm, air cushion bubble, 

air cushion tube.


                                                                 Wear-resistant belt

The use of thick and wear-resistant belts does not require frequent replacement. Normally, the belt needs to be replaced 

only after 200 rolls are used. The operation is simple and the replacement can be completed in 1 minute.


                                                                       No Air Leakage

The air filling rate can reach 95%. The air cushion system has a compact footprint that takes up less dedicated inventory space 

and only produces air cushion film on demand.


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