Best New Water Activated Tape Dispenser 2.0 NT-AT

Automatic Tape Dispenser Machine 2.0 NT-AT
Logo & Color
Accept logo and color customization
Support 1piece delivery
1-Year warranty
Lead Time
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Voltage: 210-230v

Tape width:4-8cm 

Power: 200w 

Speed: 30cm/s 

Weight: 12Kgs

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NA-AT paper tape machine is a fully automatic one-button wetting and dispensing cutting machine with an optional length of tape and multiple modes of operation. It is equipped with an LED screen, a water tank, and a brush for adhesive activation. An environmentally friendly and efficient packaging machine. For some companies that have demand for shipments, the tape machine opportunity can provide great help, and the automatic mode can also increase the speed at the end of the production line without using multi-mode. Both the manual tape machine and the electric tape machine have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your own needs.

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Main Plate Facilities:

1. Large capacity water tank

2. Simple digital programming keys

3. Brush

4. Cutter, fixed plate, etc.

The New Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser Advantages 

-4 programming modes to meet various packaging needs

-Built-in cutter, high safety performance

-Environmentally friendly packaging materials, saving costs

-Simple operation, with pedal mode

-The setting of the foot pedal improves the packaging efficiency

-Tape aerials to simplify long tape dispensing

-Auto-cut feature assigns the next piece while the previous piece is removed

-1-year warranty, quality assurance, replace traditional tape

-The cutting length can be freely selected to improve packaging efficiency

-Color customization, water-activated tape size customization, printing logo service

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Custom Logo

For the customization process of the water-activated tape dispenser, the designer will design the pattern according 

to the needs, and then proceed to mass production after confirming the production, confirming color and logo, 

and the design of the outer packaging.

Gummed Tape Dispenser Original Design

The gummed tape dispenser NT-AT is exclusively developed and designed by YJNPACK. The patent number 

is ZL 2019 3 01692232.3. There have been a lot of imitations on the market, please look for the original factory.

Water Activated Tape Dispenser Details


                                                               High Safety Performance

The outer shell of the gummed paper tape machine adopts the metal baking varnish process, which has a stronger 

texture. Built-in cutter, stable and simple structure, high safety performance. The safety interlock switch disables the cutting 

mechanism when the cover is open, preventing worker injury.


                                               Multi Working Mode

The gummed paper tape machine has 4 modes of operation, which can freely distribute and cut the length of tape to 

improve packaging production efficiency.

  1. 1. Single-mode: Select different lengths to produce the selected length of tape.

  2. 2. Automatic mode: Select one length and all the rest with the same length to be produced automatically.

  3. 3. Fixed mode: Select several different sizes and produce the tapes as per the setting order.

  4. 4. Manual Mode: Long Press Production Tape


                                                        Fast And Efficient

Tape output at 30 cm per second. Offer one-touch dispensing of tape lengths from 15 cm to 210 cm. Brush position with heating
function to enhance the brushing effect.


                                                                               Quality Assurance

The cutter, brush, motor, and LCD display of the tape machine are all tested in the laboratory. Our machine is guaranteed for 1 year.

Kraft Tape Dispenser Small Accessories

                    Cutter                                        Absorbent Brush                              Water Container

         Interlock Switch                                        Tape Position                               Power Supply

        LED Display                                       Circuit Board                                           Motor

About The Production Inspection Of The Gummed Tape Machine

                              More than 300,000 tests, just to achieve every perfect tape machine

About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of buffer packaging machines, providing you with a one-stop solution.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 1-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accepting export

After-sales service

  1. 1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 year

2. During the warranty period, free replacement parts

3. Troubleshooting problems, professional technicians answer one-on-one

4. Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

5. Provide professional service instructions


1. What width water-activated tape does this dispenser have?

This gummed tape will dispense reinforced and paper tape from 15" to 105" in width. 

2. What is the condition? Have warranty?

The water-activated tape dispenser is brand new and we provide a 12-month warranty.

3. Can you print our logo on the tapes?

Yes, we do customize printing for tapes, you can put your logo, QR code, and contact info in printing. But there will 

be mold cost and MOQ.Pls, inquire us for details.

4. What width tape does this dispenser have?

This water-activated tape will dispense reinforced and paper tape from 1.5" to 3" in width. 

Next, let's walk into the packaging, and into the tape machine.

  1. 1. What Is Paper Tape Dispenser?

  2. 2. Reasons To Use A Automatic Tape Machine For Packaging

  3. 3. Why Use Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser?

  4. 4. Is water-activated Tape Better?

  5. 5. Is Water Activated Tape Strong?

6. What Are The Advantages Of This Automatic Tape Dispenser?

7. How To Use This Gummed Tape Machine?

What Is Paper Tape Dispenser?

The water-activated tape dispenser is an automatic tape machine with simple operation, equipped with wettable 

kraft paper tape, a water tank, and a brush. When the button is pressed, enough water can be applied to the tape. 

The built-in sharp blade can cut the tape perfectly after each feeding.

The automatic tape machine can reduce labor time and speed up the packaging process. Cost-effective solution 

for medium and high-volume applications. This automatic glued water-activated tape dispenser can cut and dispense 

individual pre-programmed lengths to achieve high-speed packaging and increase productivity in busy packaging 


This time-saving tape dispenser automatically wets, cuts, and dispenses tape, and the internal tape size can also 

be customized. A large enough number of programmable keypads allows for more tape lengths to meet a variety 

of non-pass-sized carton packs. , for greater flexibility. The 1-liter water container heats up quickly to activate 

the adhesive.

Reasons To Use A Automatic Tape Machine For Packaging

As an automatic tape dispenser, it is not only a substitute for traditional plastic tape but also speeds up packaging, 

and the water-activated tape can produce strong stickiness after wet water, so it has a strong and durable seal, is not 

easy to tear, can be combined with the carton integrated. In addition, tampering can be prevented and customer privacy 

can be protected.

* Automatic cutting, saving packaging time, and improving efficiency

* Available in 15-210cm tape lengths

* The length of the tape can be freely selected to reduce material waste

* Strong and durable, strong stickiness, prevent tampering

* No need for redundant maintenance procedures, and large water storage capacity.

* The outer shell is made of metal material, durable

* Multi-functional, suitable for different workplaces

* Provides a neat, clean packaging appearance

Why Use Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser?

When you need to ship a package, do you take into account the environment or the appearance of the package? 

When do the guests receive the packaging materials and other issues? If non-recyclable packaging materials are 

used, it will cause certain pollution to the environment.

Packaging with a kraft tape dispenser and tape not only provides a neat and clean packaging appearance but is 

also 100% recyclable so you can dispose of your carton the way you want.

In addition, water-activated tape is used to seal the box, which can produce strong adhesiveness after 

wet water and can be integrated with the carton to prevent internal items from being tampered with. After 

testing compared with traditional plastic tapes, it takes only 22 seconds to use the water tape dispenser to 

complete a complete set of packaging processes, and there is no need to repeatedly use clear tape to reinforce 

the carton, reducing employee arm injuries, saving medical costs and improving packaging efficiency. , which is 

an optimal solution for sealing cartons.

Is Water-activated Tape Better?

Adhesive tape is much stronger than traditional Scotch tape and is great for sealing cartons. After the tape is wet 

with water, it will produce strong stickiness immediately, it will be integrated with your carton and the machine 

will not be easily torn apart. Makes the whole package stronger and safer. And prevent theft, get the maximum 

benefit with the least cost.

Is Water Activated Tape Strong?

Compared with traditional transparent tape, water-activated tape has more advantages and functions. Strengthen 

the various fiber materials inside the water-active tape, so that it can withstand the extrusion of heavy objects, etc., 

relatively speaking, it is more sturdy and versatile and can withstand more extreme transportation environments, 

so that the transportation package can be delivered safely.

What Are The Advantages Of This Automatic Tape Dispenser?

The performance of this automatic paper tape dispenser is more stable after the new upgrade, and we are a 

professional manufacturer of source protection packaging, which is sent directly from the factory, at a competitive 

price from the factory, allowing you to get more benefits at the lowest cost.

How To Use This Gummed Tape Machine?

This electric gummed tape dispenser is very easy to use. He can set different operation modes according to the 

needs. You only need to select the length of the tape you want, and then you can pack it. In addition, the pedal 

mode is added for operation, which greatly improves packaging efficiency.

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