Paper Void Filling Materials Packaging Application

If you click on this article and start reading, it means that you are already planning to use paper packaging materials instead of low-quality plastic. 

Whether different types of packaging materials can be used correctly can be a dilemma, but with so many choices what makes them sustainable and well-used? 

What should you consider when purchasing packaging materials?

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Here Are The Benefits You'll Want To Notice:
  1. 1.Compared with overseas purchases, locally sourced and self-made products may be more cost-effective and the supply chain is relatively secure. If you own a fanfold paper folding machine, you can produce the folding paper on demand and automatically, which can solve your own inventory anxiety problem. You can also cooperate with smart void filling machines from major brands such as Ranpak/Sealed Air/Storopack.

2. What is the buffering effect of paper?

Compared with traditional plastic/foam, the cushioning capacity of paper gap fillers is relatively considerable. Packaging materials such as kraft paper pads or honeycomb paper are elastic and shock-absorbing, which can minimize the need for transportation. It can provide additional protection against collisions, extrusions, etc. that may occur.



3. When purchasing paper materials, be sure to ask the supplier about responsible sourcing and certification, 

such as FSC certification or PEFC certification.

4. How efficient is packaging?

During the busy packing season, there are often situations where delivery is delayed or goods are damaged and returned due to various circumstances. 

Paper void filling can effectively fill carton gaps and wrap products. It is a fast-dispensing packaging solution that helps improve packaging speed and worker comfort.

Paper Void Filling Products And Innovations

Here are the lightweight and environmentally friendly paper void filling solutions available today.

  1. 1.Honeycomb paper filling and packaging

The honeycomb paper void filling solution accepts customization in various colors and sizes. It is lightweight and durable and can package items of various shapes. 

It is an ideal solution for valuable items such as cosmetics, glass products, and gifts. Can be integrated into the gaps inside the carton for filling protection. 

Investing in a honeycomb paper making machine to mass-produce honeycomb paper using locally sourced paper can simplify your purchasing process and reduce costs.

honeycomb paper

2.Kraft paper pad void packaging material protects heavy items

If you are looking for a way to protect heavier and more valuable industrial supplies, then kraft paper pads would be the best choice. The paper pad machine has passed CE certification and can be applied to the integrated packaging area to improve packaging efficiency and safe delivery rate.

kraft paper

3.Shredded waste cardboard packaging

Reuses waste cardboard and converts it into packaging protection materials, providing a very sustainable packaging solution. Of course, this should be guaranteed if you have too much cardboard that you don’t need to use. If you need better protection, then kraft paper and honeycomb paper will be the best choices.

cardboard shredder      

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