OEM Large Compact Paper Cushion Machine For Industrial Use

Paper Cushion Machine System 
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1 Year
N.W: 84kg ,G.W: 117kg
Power:120W, Speed:12m/min
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Xiamen Port
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This is a large and compact paper cushion machine PPO-3, which is very suitable for industrial use and can run smoothly at the packaging workstation. Its biggest feature, besides custom colors, is a storage function, when the top collection box is filled with kraft paper pads, you can pack at any time without having to restart the machine. The pulley at the bottom is easy to move, you can switch the venue for packaging at any time, and the height is moderately adjustable.

Paper Cushion Machine PPO-3 Features

1. Suitable for industrial and packaging station use

2. Both base paper and recycled paper are applicable

3. The bottom pulley is easy to move

4. Kraft paper can be stored and can be packaged at any time

5. When the storage capacity is full, production will stop automatically

6. Sustainable packaging that replaces traditional plastics

This paper cushion machine integrates production, packaging, branding, etc. It can be used in packaging stations, 

workbenches, warehouses, and other industrial places to achieve packaging integration. Moreover, both recycled 

paper and virgin paper can be used, and the requirement for kraft paper is almost 0.

Paper Void Filling Machine Product Details


1.Industrial Packaging

The PP0-3 paper void filling system manufactures paper fillings on paper packaging machines developed with 

automation and working comfort in mind. Semi-automatic or fully automatic carton packers will improve packing 

station ergonomics, increase warehouse efficiency and help minimize costs.


2.Multi-mode Operation

This paper cushion machine has a user-friendly LED screen interface and touch settings. Support single-mode, 

automatic mode.


3.Eco-friendly Kraft Paper

Packed with kraft paper, 100% recyclable and tough. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it has the cushioning and compression
properties of non-transportation plastic materials. The preferred alternative to plastic bubble wrap.


4. Good Buffering Effect

The gear structure with the design patent can squeeze out a more three-dimensional paper pad, which greatly improves 

the buffering effect.

The systematic packaging of the paper cushion machine is called packaging integration, that is, in the packaging station, 

warehousing, and workbench operations, desktop, mobile, and storage packaging can be realized to maximize 

benefits and practicability.


We are a professional manufacturer of cushion packaging machines and provide one-stop packaging solutions.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 2-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accept export


1. Where is the port of departure?

The port of departure is Xiamen Port.

2. Is the paper void fill machine PPO-3 suitable for small packing stations?

With a height of 131cm, this paper pad machine can be used in both media to large and small packing stations.

3. Will the collection box of this paper pad machine keep running if it is full of kraft paper?

When the collection box is full of kraft paper, the machine will automatically stop, with high safety performance.

4. Can you accept customization?

Yes, we can customize the color, logo, and packing box.

Paper cushion machine PPO-3 is a newly developed paper pad packaging system. From the appearance, its height 

is higher than other paper pad machines, but it is suitable for most people to use. Its working principle is that after 

the kraft paper is compressed and folded by the motor, it is blown from the upper pipe to the collection box for 

storage. The speed is fast, with an average of 12m/min, which realizes the storage of kraft paper while packaging, 

and saves the heating preparation time of the machine. Ideal for work in large assembly lines and packing stations.

Secondly, in terms of height, it is roughly 131cm, which is higher than the average height of humans, so it can be 

compatible with most people. Moreover, there are four metal pulleys at the bottom, which is convenient for changing 

scene packaging. Moreover, the intelligent LED touch screen operation can set the length, meters, etc., to improve 

the packaging efficiency.

In terms of protecting product performance, this paper cushion machine is absolutely capable. The kraft paper pad 

completely replaces the traditional plastic and foam packaging, which can fully fill the gaps in the carton, wrap 

and cushion to protect the transportation package, and reduce the damage caused by force majeure factors 

during transportation.

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