Large Packaging Shipping: Custom Packaging Solutions Reduce Costs

In the logistics industry, shipping oversized packages is a complex and challenging task. Moreover, with the development speed of e-commerce, each order will produce a batch of goods, and the transportation of oversized parcels will not only add additional labor and handling fees to the freight.

Quote: A packaging document on Pregis: “As many as 11% of unit shipments arriving at distribution centers have some degree of damage.” Transportation and handling issues are certainly a reason for this, but the root of the problem is often It's due to insufficient packaging.

It is particularly critical to seek effective customized solutions. When packaging large items, the necessary protective packaging materials may be skipped to save time, which will cause a sharp increase in transportation costs. Judging from the current packaging environment, large Packages are most likely to be damaged in transit, leading to increased replacement, rework, and reshipping costs and a loss of customer loyalty.

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  1. When a piece of goods (including oversized items) is packed and transported, the costs incurred and the parts that will affect your profits include:

  2. *Employee labor and time costs

  3. *Decreased productivity (production, warehouse, customer service, etc.)

  4. *Return freight and customer waiting time costs

  5. *Inspection and Disposal of Returned Goods

  6. *Additional charges for reshipping (handling fees, shipping charges)

  7. For small items, some costs can be ignored, but for oversized packages, many of the costs incurred are self-evidently higher than we imagine.

  8. Challenges Faced By Oversized Transportation

1. High transportation costs

Oversized packages are bulky and heavy, often exceeding the carrying capacity of conventional transportation methods, causing shipping costs to soar. 

In addition, special loading, securing, and unloading requirements may also incur additional costs, further driving up the overall transportation cost.

2. Risk of package damage

Large-sized packages are more susceptible to impact during handling, loading, unloading, and transportation, causing damage to the contents inside. 

Damage not only causes direct economic losses but may also lead to customer complaints, returns, claims, and other issues, affecting the reputation of the company.

3. Decreased productivity

Processing oversized packages requires more manpower, time, and equipment resources, which may reduce warehouse operation efficiency, 

delay shipments, and affect the smooth operation of the overall supply chain.

Loss Of Customer Loyalty

No matter how innovative your service and high quality are in terms of products or production when you receive a damaged package, 

you will inevitably be dissatisfied and have to go through the process of exchanging items and incurring some additional costs while waiting for new orders to be placed. 

The timing of delivery of this part can have a significant impact on customer retention and brand loyalty, and every industry will have competitors vying for your customers.

YJNPACK offers a variety of packaging cushioning solutions while protecting delivery and providing an unboxing experience.

Damaged first impression

When customers receive damaged packages despite high expectations, it means that a large number of customers have a negative impact on your brand company, 

and you also lose the opportunity for a second order. 

Once customers have had this bad shopping experience, they will be inspired by friends and relatives to buy competitors' products.

This is a huge loss for the brand and will generate a lot of negative comments. Using YJNPACK's paper bubble wrap or honeycomb paper wrap system to protect your brand 

reputation is as simple and effective as filling the packaging with our high-quality products.

Customized Packaging: A Strategy And Money

1. Optimize packaging design

Through customized packaging, such as the use of high-strength, lightweight materials, combined with scientific internal support structures 

and fixing methods, can not only effectively reduce the volume, weight, and freight of the package, but also greatly improve the impact resistance 

of the package and reduce damage. risk.

2. Refined loading planning

Use professional loading simulation software to perform three-dimensional modeling and loading optimization of oversized packages to ensure maximum

 utilization of transportation space, reduce vacancy rates, and reduce single transportation costs. At the same time, reasonable loading sequence and fixing measures 

can prevent shifting and collision during transportation and ensure the safety of goods.

3. Special equipment and tools

Investing in or renting special lifting equipment, pallets, straps, and other tools can greatly improve the handling efficiency of oversized packages, reduce labor costs, 

and reduce package damage caused by improper operation. At the same time, these devices help standardize operating procedures and improve warehouse management levels.

4. Special transportation services

Cooperate with experienced logistics service providers to customize special transportation solutions such as direct, intermodal transportation, 

and project logistics to avoid the risks and costs caused by multiple transshipments. The professional transportation team is familiar with the special needs of oversized packages 

and can provide professional loading, unloading, lashing, and escort services to ensure the safe arrival of goods.

packaging material


Faced with the various challenges of oversized parcel transportation, customized solutions can comprehensively reduce costs, improve efficiency, 

and ensure cargo safety from multiple dimensions. Understanding more customized packaging strategies will not only help optimize your own logistics operations 

but also help maintain your advantage in fierce market competition and achieve sustainable development.

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