How To Effectively Reduce Your Transportation Costs

In the current packaging environment, in the past two years since the COVID-19 pandemic returned to normal, everyone's shopping habits have gradually taken root online, so the sales of offline stores have been affected, which has also brought about the demand for express transportation. The greater the demand, the more cost losses will naturally be involved in each part. Many retail logistics companies are working hard to maintain their competitiveness and find ways to save time and money while ensuring maximum business costs, so as to satisfy consumers.

The automatic tape dispenser NT-AT 3.0 can help. It is a comprehensive upgrade based on the original 2.0. Its appearance is more compact and light, and it occupies a small area. It not only improves the efficiency of carton sealing and saves labor and material costs, but also provides professional and beautiful packaging effects for small and medium-sized retailers and logistics companies.

How does the automatic tape dispenser NT-AT 3.0 make your packaging work easier?

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Efficient And Cost-effective

The simple and easy-to-use automatic tape dispenser handles tape at a speed of 30cm/s, making the packaging process and transportation more efficient, 

and also providing a safe and attractive packaging appearance.

* Simple and efficient

The automatic tape dispenser NT-AT 3.0 is very simple to use. Its multi-digit programming mode can automatically dispense and cut the corresponding tape 

to attach to both sides of the carton including the top. The precise length reduces material waste and protects the carton from damage during transportation.

In addition, traditional plastic tape is not only unfriendly to the environment but also reduces packaging efficiency. You no longer need to find where the tape gun is placed. 

The water activated tape dispenser is always there and can quickly seal the carton without measuring the tape length. This process saves at least 2 times the time.

water activated tape dispenser

*Compact appearance

In addition, the machine has a compact appearance, a small footprint, and a simple design. It can be customized to make its appearance more beautiful 

and can be perfectly integrated into any small and medium-sized logistics enterprises and e-commerce environments, even in the limited space of the office.

Moreover, the design of the automatic tape dispenser is extremely attractive and placed on the counter in time, which will not affect the beauty of offline stores, 

and even enhance customers' impression of the brand and look very professional, both environmentally friendly and fast to seal packages.

Quoting Milos (our client),

"It's very elegant and convenient, I just press the number and it automatically dispenses the tape I want, I don't even need to look for scissors, 

just press, take the tape, and put it on the box. I like it"

Better For Your Customers And Employees

The water activated tape dispenser has a high-density brush that needs to be evenly wetted before use to fully activate the water-activated tape, 

so that it can quickly and effectively adhere to the carton, providing the safest and most reliable sealing solution. The strong adhesion can even prevent tampering and theft, 

protecting the safety of transported items and cartons.

*Safe and reliable sealing

The water activated tape can fully adhere to the carton and integrate with the carton, effectively preventing the transported items from being stolen or tampered with. It 

can even protect the carton from being damaged during transportation, so that both the carton and the transported items can be safely delivered to the destination.

*100% recyclable packaging

Water activated tape is produced with kraft paper as the paper base, so it can be recycled at the curb together with the carton.

In addition, only one roll of water-activated tape can achieve a reliable and strong carton seal, instead of repeated reinforcement of transparent tape, saving material costs 

and no need to worry about the impact on the environment.

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