Develop Optimal Winning Strategies To Reduce Packaging Costs

As current market demands and fashion trends have changed the way consumers shop, consumers are more inclined to turn to e-commerce or online to purchase daily necessities. 

This has also increased the demand in the packaging and transportation industry, and this This trend has been a catalyst in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, demand is directly proportional to revenue and cost. As revenue increases, transportation costs will also increase.

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1. Shipping Costs Are Higher

Of course, this involves various circumstances. If the delivery place is far away and the regional charging standards are not accurate, 

related costs will also be incurred during the supply process.

*Pricing standards for shipping destinations

After you purchase and confirm the details, you will eventually need to confirm the distance to the final destination and all the expenses 

required on the way. Of course, the price will also be determined by the weight of your goods.

*Carton package

The packaging material inside the carton is also particularly important. If the product you are transporting is fragile and precious, 

additional protective packaging is required, which will incur a packaging cost and increase the weight of the goods.

packaging cost

2. Competitiveness Among Peers

When demand increases, more people will want to join, and the competitiveness among peers will also increase. For small individual merchants, 

competition from giants such as Amazon and Walmart is huge and seems powerless. Most consumers tend to be fast and low-cost, or even free. 

Small and medium-sized retailers need to meet the delivery needs of their customers amid these competitions.

Develop Optimal Strategies To Reduce Packaging Costs And Increase Profits

1. Choose and use the correct packaging materials

For packaging manufacturers, the wrong packaging material can increase the weight of the carton and thus increase shipping costs.

Honeycomb wrapping paper is one of the most commonly used and practical packaging materials today. The lightweight, strong, and durable features can help you reduce transportation packaging costs. The unfolded honeycomb structure can produce excellent protective properties, is elastic, and acts as a shock absorber to prevent items from being damaged during transportation. 

Moreover, honeycomb wrapping paper is easy to customize with different sizes, logos, and even colors, and it is even more cost-effective to purchase it from the source manufacturer. YJNPACK can customize or provide optimal packaging and solutions for dealers so that customers can fundamentally reduce packaging costs by 30%.

honeycomb paper            
  1. The on-demand use and roll stacking of honeycomb wrapping paper can help you save storage space. When we turn our attention to the inside of the packaging,

  2. converting traditional plastic packaging into environmentally friendly and lightweight paper packaging is also a way to reduce packaging costs. one.

  3. YJNPACK provides a variety of eco-friendly packaging materials, on-demand air cushion packaging materials, and paper-based kraft paper cushioning packaging materials

  4. to meet the needs of various packaging products.

By using the right corrugated box size, you can reduce the weight of the carton, thereby lowering your shipping costs.

2. Reduce packaging costs through automation

If you ship hundreds or thousands of orders every day, it’s important to have a reliable, efficient and accurate packaging solution

YJNPACK provides automated and environmentally friendly packaging solutions that are flexible and effective, and are suitable for development and use in multiple industries such as e-commerce, transportation logistics, healthcare and electronic products. 

YJNPACK provides diversified packaging solutions such as automatic tape dispensers, paper void fill machines, honeycomb paper making machines and air packaging machines, or fanfold paper folding machines. They play an important role in warehouses, logistics and transportation, and help you meet the growing needs of e-commerce fulfillment and distribution.

paper bubble machine            

3. Develop The Best Strategy For You

Your appropriate shipping strategy will differ for each different industry and product. YJNPACK can develop different 

packaging and transportation strategies according to your needs and products. However, combined with the above analysis, 

choosing the correct packaging materials, and corrugated box sizes, and combining automation will definitely help you 

reduce packaging and transportation costs and meet your various needs.

To learn more about YJNPACK solutions, please contact our expert team by email call, or send us a message.

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