All NRTEC Staff Develop Work Plans For 2024

January 04, 2024

NRTEC was born for your brands. The company is positioned as a transportation logistics packaging dealer, providing valuable packaging solutions 

to major dealers. Striving for the development direction of the company in the next five years, on the occasion of New Year's Day in 2023, an activity to 

formulate the 2024 work plan and goals will be organized for all office employees, which will last two days and one night, including the International 

Business Department, Marketing Department, R&D Department, and Purchasing Department. As well as the personnel department, finance department, 

factory supervisor, etc.

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Group Photo Of All NRTEC Staff

1. Clarify the development direction of the enterprise

NRTEC hopes to clarify the company's goals for 2024 through this conference and ensure the effective allocation and use of resources.

2. Improve efficiency: Clear work plans and goals help improve the company's operational efficiency and ensure that the tasks of various departments and individuals are clear and reasonable.


Gather the team

Through the participation of all employees in formulating work plans and goals, communication and collaboration among various 

departments are enhanced. Under the leadership of coaches, we play games together, overcome difficulties in the game, and share 

our stories one by one. The experience allows everyone to understand each other better, enhances the cohesion and collective consciousness 

of the team, and makes every employee feel their importance in the development of the company.

In short, the successful convening of NRTEC's 2024 corporate development work plan and goal-setting meeting laid a solid foundation for the 

company's continued growth and market expansion. The company will continue to adhere to the concept of "quality first, service first", continue 

to innovate and make progress, and provide customers with better buffer packaging products and services.

We are a team, a team that loves and works together. Working together to overcome problems for a goal is the fate of meeting each other 

in this world. If you are looking for a trustworthy packaging dealer or want a packaging solution from packaging to delivery, then 

we will be your best packaging partner in 2024. I believe that the NRTEC brand will always be with you.


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