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At present, the trend of online shopping is showing a rapid rise, which means that in the express delivery and e-commerce industries, safe transportation has also become one of the requirements of consumers, and the premise of meeting this requirement is to choose the right packaging material.

Paper bubble wrap, as a new and creative environmentally friendly material, is becoming one of the ideal choices for the packaging industry.

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Table of contents:

What Is Paper Bubble Wrap?

Paper Bubble Wrap vs Plastic Packaging

How Is The Paper Bubble Wrap Produce?

Why Do You Need The Paper Bubble Wrap?


What Is Paper Bubble Wrap?

The surface of kraft paper bubble wrap presents bubbles similar to traditional bubble film and has better cushioning and protection performance 

than traditional bubble film.

This paper bubble wrap is made of 100% recyclable kraft paper combined with air. It uses the cushioning and shock absorption of bubbles and 

the recyclable nature of kraft paper to reliably and stably protect various fragile and valuable items during transportation.

paper bubble wrap

Paper Bubble Wrap vs Plastic Packaging

FeaturesPaper Bubble WrapPlastic Packaging
100% Recyclable×
Saving Warehouse Space
Tearable by hand without scissors×
Elastic, shock-absorbing, and durable×
Efficient and labor-saving×
All-round protection and neat packaging×
Provide a perfect unboxing experience×

paper bubble wrappaper bubble wrap

How Is The Paper Bubble Wrap Produce?

Paper Bubble Wrap film is a production method that uses a paper bubble machine to press large bubbles, small bubbles, or other patterns through 

an internal gear cutter.

Combined with the durability and sturdiness of kraft paper, it can avoid damage to products caused by squeezing and collision during transportation, 

and reduce the possibility of goods return.

If your budget is not enough, you can also save costs by not buying a machine. You can buy kraft paper bubbles in bulk and use them directly.

paper bubble machine

Why Do You Need The Paper Bubble Wrap?

1. Fast and simple packaging

There are tear lines between the papers of kraft paper bubble wrap, so it can be directly torn open for packaging without scissors, 

which improves overall efficiency.

2. Sustainable packaging solution

The paper bubble wrap is different from the traditional plastic bubble film. In fact, it is made of kraft paper. It is not only durable and strong 

but also can ensure the transportation safety of any sold items.

3. Wide range of applications

Paper bubble wrap is elastic and has shock-absorbing properties. It is suitable for filling gaps in boxes and protecting glass products, cosmetics, medical products, 

or sensitive electronic components. It can also provide customers with a positive and memorable unboxing experience.

4. Customizable options

The pattern on the surface of the kraft paper bubble wrap can be customized according to needs. It can be large bubbles, small bubbles love patterns, etc., 

or even printed logos or colors to increase brand awareness.

5. Cost saving

You can choose whether to buy a machine according to your needs. If not, you can directly buy the sheet-shaped paper bubble that is used on demand 

and neatly stacked. It is a particularly cost-effective solution.


Paper bubble wrap will be one of the ideal choices for companies that are currently committed to sustainable development. It has the best performance 

in terms of protection, environmental protection, and cost. From the perspective of the company, this is also one of the favorable investment options.

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