YJNPACK Launches Automated Stretch Film Pallet Wrapping Machine Packaging Equipment

May 22, 2024

CE-certified and cost-effective end-of-line solutions for packaging

Pallet wrapping machines are a cost-effective and efficient transportation solution. This high-tension extension design can provide maximum protection and adhesion, 

and tightly wrap the goods to ensure the integrity of the goods during transportation. safety.

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This process uses intelligent settings and controls to perform precise cutting and angle wrapping. The stretching of the stretch film maximizes 

protection and strength, and the length can be almost doubled.

Moreover, the pallet wrapping machine is also compatible with other packaging equipment. You can also choose a honeycomb paper pallet baler. 

Of course, you can contact us for more detailed answers about product details.

Advantages Of Pallet Wrapping Machine Include:

  1. 1. Pallet product protection: Use unique automation and wrapping technology to wrap the wrapped goods and provide adhesive force.

  2. This lightweight and locally available high-stretch stretch film material, combined with automation, allows for quick and easy wrapping of

  3. pallets prior to shipment.

2. Return on Investment for Business Profits: This pallet wrapping machine packaging range offers a protective, cost-effective packaging solution 

that allows retailers to quickly recoup their investment.

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