NRTEC: Welcome To The March Expo Opening Ceremony

March 01, 2024

NRTEC, as a provider of transportation and logistics solutions, is at the forefront of the sustainable practice movement, cooperating 

with dealers around the world, launching a variety of environmentally friendly machines and materials, and providing overall packaging solution

starting from the packaging end.

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NRTEC: Welcome To The March Expo Opening Ceremony

The March World Expo is an event on the Alibaba platform. Almost most merchants will participate in this event. March is a new beginning. We continue to develop green products to respond to the urgency of environmental challenges and bring environmental protection to the forefront. 

Concepts are infused into our products. Today’s ceremony not only marks the launch of this event but also heralds new potential for our partner businesses.


March Expo, the beginning of new potential:
  1. 1. Launch a variety of green packaging machines and materials: Simple transactions will provide new potential orders and drive your business. Whether it is an environmentally friendly paper cushion packaging system or a cost-effective air cushion system, it is suitable for use in most industries.

  2. 2. Automated packaging machines to improve safe delivery rates: Automated and efficient packaging, including product protection in the entire process from transportation to delivery, is dedicated to serving the entire logistics and transportation system.

3. Ongoing activities: For new or old customers, we will have competitive preferential plans, including half-price shipping and free customization or printing.

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