NRTEC Launches Cost-effective And Efficient Paper Cushion Machine System

NRTEC strives to meet the needs of different scenarios and industries and launches a multi-functional,cost-effective, and efficient paper cushion machine system NP-P2 designed 

for fast-paced and high-volume shipments.

Compared with the ordinary model, it has dual operation modes and a high throughput rate of 70m/min. Its flexible height adjustment reflects its practicality.

Built-in cutter and ergonomic design, easy paper loading, and flexible wheel design enable customized work unit options.

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Cost-effective And Efficient Paper Cushion Machine System

“As the demand for e-commerce continues to grow after the epidemic, the requirements for the express transportation industry are also gradually increasing. Our design also takes into account the needs of some logistics companies with large shipments, and we hope that it is easy to use and safe. .”

We wanted it to be easy to use and productive, safe to use in fast-paced operations, ergonomic, and flexible to meet production and shipping packaging goals. 

The paper cushion machine system NP-P2 is designed exactly like this.

The products of the paper cushion machine system can be applied to roll paper or folded paper, and 100% renewable kraft paper can be fully produced into compressed paper for filling gaps in boxes. CE-certified professional certificates allow the equipment to be used safely. Moreover, it can effectively protect transported products and reduce customer complaint rates, which helps the company achieve its sustainable development goals.   

The paper cushion machine NP-P2 does not require the operator to be very professional. He only needs to assemble the selected folding paper or roll paper. The built-in cutter will compress and fold the flat kraft paper to help fill and protect the gaps inside the carton. 

The overall model has a simple structure, with a single paper ejection mode and a time adjustment mode, which can adjust the paper ejection length. The built-in cutter is designed to eliminate safety hazards. Moreover, it is also ergonomically designed, and the height can be freely adjusted to suit the workstation or operator's preference, and can even be configured according to the workbench, thereby improving productivity and comfort.

Kraft paper packaging has a wide range of applications and can be applied to various industries and industrial markets, such as e-commerce logistics, retailers, medical equipment, agriculture, transportation, and construction. NRTEC is a transportation logistics packaging service provider with two subsidiaries, YJNPACK and Linkair, providing in-box and innovative protective packaging solutions.

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