NRTEC Celebrates Valentine's Day With The Team

May 28, 2024

On May 20, 2024, in an atmosphere full of vitality and innovation, NRTEC also successfully held a simple and cheerful award ceremony on Valentine's Day, pushing the enthusiasm of the company's corporate culture to a climax. With the theme of "Encouragement and Relaxation", this celebration not only commended the outstanding achievements in international business, customer service, and personal growth in the past year but also warmly celebrated the birthdays of employees, reflecting the company's deep care for every member. and respect.

NRTEC Celebrates Valentine's Day With The Team
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Part One: Happy Birthday

On Valentine's Day, our first part was to prepare a warm birthday party for our purchaser Yanyan. Everyone gathered together and sang happy birthday and cut the cake together so that employees could feel happy even in their busy work. 

The company's care and warmth, and choosing it on Valentine's Day also make this birthday more meaningful.NRTEC values team building and a warm corporate working environment.


Part Two: Commendations

The event continued with warm applause and then entered our commendation session.

The announcement of the International Business Best Team Award recognizes those teams that stand out for their hard work and strength 

during the quarter.

Next, the best new customer award was awarded, which emphasized the company's emphasis on new customer experience. 

Those teams that have won customer trust through excellent service and customized environmentally friendly packaging 

became the focus of the audience.

The Best Improvement Award recognizes excellence in personal growth and is awarded to employees who demonstrate a relentless 

pursuit of progress and continuous self-improvement at work.


The event came to an end with bursts of applause. As a transportation and logistics service provider dedicated to eco-friendly buffer packaging, 

NRTEC demonstrated its double harvest in business achievements and corporate culture through this event. We sincerely invite you to continue 

to follow us and learn more about the innovative trends and corporate stories of environmentally friendly packaging.

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